Monday, 13 February 2012

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm - Marina Kulik

Miniatures and Magnifications

50x70 cm Seahorse by Cathie van de Stel - Mindblowing!!

Cathie actually received applause when she showed this during the evaluation last Tuesday. Believe me, the photo doesn't do it justice, this aquarelle has a perfect balance between colour, experiment, light, dark, fun, depth and mystery. And as you can guess, it is an enlargement of the real thing - the size of a seahorse or hippocampus varies between 1 and 20 centimeters...

Our challenge du jour (and for the coming weeks) was to take a colourful picture or still life, and create a composition with a miniature of the whole thing and then a magnification as the background. Most of us have started and not yet finished - and it already looks spectacular so I'd like to share two morre with you:
Mini and Maxi parrot - beautiful work in progress by Georgina Hole 

Miniature of ivy with berries - painted from a still life and  to be continued tomorrow by Brigitte Jansen

And there was other pretty impressive and interesting painting going on...

'Portrait of a woman'  by Sandra Seymour Dale

A very characterful portrait with an interesting symbolism. Note how the chicken wire (imprisonment) changes into flying birds (freedom) and the vague silhouette of a man, partly in front of the woman (taking her light) -  Have a long look at it and give it your own interpretation... super interesting!

Agnes McLaughlins' colourful chickens (their names: Oh, La and La) 
A super happy & funny picture with a whole different use of chicken wire (in white crayon) and I particularly like how the eyes are done... Click on the picture to enlarge

Lesley Bufton's Tropical house with Palm Tree
Lesley had a good old struggle to get the background in the colour she wanted, and after a first wash of ochre did a second of ultramarine with a little bit of carmine - and then another one, which did the trick! It's not finished but you can already see the tropical atmosphere (with a rainstorm coming?) and the light and dark is remarkable...

'Tunnel' by Anna-Karin Fast
Anna-Karin finished the 'tunnel' image - which worked out very well! Then started with a big cat. She used masking fluid for the whiskers. This will make them stand out in a spontaneous background... As usual Anna-Karin painted this picture in just a few brush strokes. Here's a preview:

Roly Bufton finished his picture with little fishing boats in it - and will soon embark on a painting project that has to do with a big boat (his own). But for the time being he painted a dune, in 15 minutes and it actually looks great!

Edith Alborni finished her 'Collage' in sepia

and then moved on to 'Woman with a colourful shawl' whom I will dedicate a blogpost to after she finishes. We have enough versions now, all based on the same picture and very very different!

And the last two contributions are from Liz Douglas (who is actually working on a very interesting painting of the village Plascassier) and Judith Kuiper. They both washed aquarelle paint off their painting, Judith to make it lighter and work further on it and Liz because she was unhappy with the left part of her otherwise wonderful still life:
Phase 1 and 2 of Liz Douglas's metallic still life. Part washed out and then 'repaired'. Spot the differences! (click to enlarge)

Judith Kuipers'  Abstract Bird - all washed out and ready for the next layer...

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