Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Moving Models

Live drawing on Monday 20 February

Last Model drawing session we started with a new kind of 'warming up'. We usually start with a couple of very quick poses, where our model stands still for a minute and then assumes another pose.
This time we kept the minute, but our model Melissandre turned a little bit after each minute, where the idea was to superimpose the drawings. There are various versions as result, but everyone participated and felt it was a good exercise! We will definitely repeat it next time - and then our model will not turn but move slightly. Imagine the difficulty for your brain: 'catch the pose' in a minute and keep track of the movement...
Below some of the drawings - they are not made with the intention to create beautiful pictures - but for study purposes! And they still 'move' don't you think?!

Neville Moray
Marijke van Schijndel
Wim Teunissen
Lucia Gualtirie
Sandra Seymour-Dale
Claudie X
Georgie Hole

FYI: the idea for the superimposing comes from an excellent book, recommended to me by Neville. It contains 20-something very interesting drawing exercises. I have ordered it and will from time to time 'steal' some of the ideas - of course not without mentioning the source:

"Drawing Projects: An Exploration of the Language of Drawing"
by Mick Maslen. The paperback version costs £14.74

OK - and then of course we also drew longer poses, below two that I happened to take a picture of:
Betty Schep
Marij van Schijndel

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