Monday, 6 February 2012

Aquarelle Tuesday 2-4.30pm Marina Kulik

Edith Alborni's sepia monochrome.
Not yet finished - but already impressive contrast

Last Tuesday most of the Aquarellistas were snowed in, so we decided to stay at home and get together on the first good day - which was last Friday afternoon! We had a great afternoon with only 6 of us - and mostly worked on the sepia 'trompe l'oeuil' collages...

Cathie van der Stel's incredibly refined collage. A wonderful composition.

Brigitte Jansen painted this sepia version of a classic 19th century lady

The subject inspired Agn├Ęs  McLaughlin to go back in time too - although less far...and paint her first car

There were also older projects going on - and new ones started:

Anna-Karin Fast started an almost abstract cave entrance. We look forward to see how this develops!

Cathie van der Stel worked on her fish too...

and she got so much 'advice' on how to proceed that she decided to put it away for a while. A very good idea, often after a few weeks your painting looks much better - or it is all clear how to proceed!
The painting - and its background- inspired her (and yours truly) to experiment with newspaper print, more about that later in the aquarellista blog...

Brigitte Jansen also created this lovely seahorse in a leftover 10 minutes...
And then it was weekend - and almost time for the next session on Tuesday!

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