Thursday, 16 February 2012

Monday Morning Drawing Class - with Pim de Jongh

Every Monday morning there is a drawing class - the classes alternate between model drawing with Marina Kulik and "technical" drawing with Pim de Jongh. SO what is actually technical drawing ? In short it is everything that is not model / portrait drawing. Some Mondays are spent working on perspective, some on light and shadows, and there are a whole lot of other useful subjects that are covered. Useful ? - yes definitely because it is theory that can be put to good use when painting.

Monday 13/2 the project was to draw a still life. Pim set up a beautiful composition and his students had to make their drawing using lines and not be shading.

Pim's Still Life
His students worked hard and were enthusiastic - just look how hard Georgina is concentrating !

Student diligently at work
And below you can see some of the results.

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  1. O wow, super!!!! in two respects - first of all, great still life and great works!! So compliments to Pim and the group... and secondly thanks for the update Celina!!!