Monday, 21 October 2013

Aquarelle, every Tuesday from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

'A glass of rosé' by Constanza
Still working towards our 'Cocktail Calendar', we have been observing and then painting glass. How the light reflects on it, how it 'breaks' the image if you look through it. If you do that correctly you can paint the perfect suggestion! As you can see, above and below, most aquarellistas did it absolutely right: your brain immediately assumes it is transparent glass!
Rusty Nail (Calendar Preview) by Liz

And then some empty glass...
'Glass jar' by Nusch
 'Glass bottle' by Christiane
'Glass Still Life' by Brenda
'Glass Still Life' (from another angle) by Sandra
Glass Vase by Agnès
Much more was done, all work in progress that I keep for next time - but a big compliment goes to Örjan, who worked with watercolours for the first time and did such a great job on his 'washing 'n volume' exercise:
Volume & Light by Örjan

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