Monday, 7 October 2013

The Pure Nature Expo in Valbonne - day 1

Today, Monday 7 October, was the first day of 'accrochage' for the artwork of the Hangar artists! The Oil and Watercolours/drawing groups brought in their work and arranged the panels. It was a lot of work, but in the end as always totally rewarding - it already looks very good! Tomorrow Pim's groups will put up their acrylics and then it will be perfect!
Here are some pictures:
Collages with light behind them by Sunni... 
You will see them at the entrance, they are absolutely gorgeous

 'Jesus' on the cross, overgrown with ivy - a conceptual artwork by Devas. Here still on the floor, from tomorrow it can be admired on the back wall. This sculpture will change during the exhibition and I will post about it...
Aquarelles by Cathie van der Stel - in the background some oils ready for putting up

 Watercolours of roses by Edith Alborni - and more oils against the wall... On this picture you can clearly see what a wonderful space the Salle St Esprit actually is!
More by Devas: a pastel drawing of 'Marie-Jo'

Two more works by Edith Alborni - and two fruits (one of them the stunning grapes from the poster) by Agnes McLaughlin on the right...
Hopefully the Acrylics group takes pictures too, then you'll have a post on the total exhibition tomorrow, otherwise I will take pictures this Wednesday (9 October) when we officially open our doors...!!

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