Monday, 28 October 2013

Finissage 'Pure Nature'

On Sunday 27 October, we had our party to celebrate the last day of a great-looking and good-feeling exhibition of the Hangar crowd!

Around 3pm the artists started to drop in, for a drink and a nibble and to pick up their artwork. It was excellent, not too full but still a lot of interested visitors! The pictures I post here were taken before 3pm actually, after that I didn't have time to get the camera out.

Today I counted the number of visitors and overall it has been a whopping 900 people who came in to see our show!!! Not bad at all, an average of around 50 per day. I personally spoke with 5 people who were eager to join the Hangar, and I handed out all the brochures that were there.

7 pictures sold - and counting, because there were also a couple of 'almost' sales, where numbers were exchanged and that might still happen. All in all it was a good thing we did it, we'll go for it again next year! Note that we have a lot of left-over nibbles and especially drinks in the Hangar, to be enjoyed during our great lunches etc!!

Thanks to all who helped clearing out, your hard work was very, very much appreciated!!


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