Monday, 14 October 2013

Aquarelle - every Tuesday from 2pm - 4.30 pm with Marina

Glass and transparency
 Roses by Agnès - spontaneity works!
The Aquarellistas have been working hard for the 'Pure Nature' exhibition (still open every day from 10am - 6pm, with plenty of gorgeous paintings and sculptures to be admired) so we felt we deserved a different subject. And because we are working on a calendar for 2014, with recipes and aquarelles of 'Coctails' we worked on a related subject: the way glass breaks the light and changes an object if you look through it... Above and below a couple of examples, it worked out really well for all of us!!
And what I personally love about it is the difference in styles from our group!
Glass of rosé by Agnès

 Apples by Anna-Karin

Bubble-glass by Christiane.
This is SO well done, super transparent and great shape and colour, it is clear that she has 'got it' now!

'Rusty Nail' by Liz
Work in progress, already stunning! Not quite sure of the name of this cocktail, I'll check asap

2 yummy cocktails by Véronique...
She started this painting last year, wasn't happy and finished it now, proving that sometimes you need some distance to recognise what's good and what needs a little touching up!

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