Friday, 11 October 2013


Yes, we have a true art-related, hot discussion in the Hangar community!!
And it is all coming from one of the artworks that is on display in our 'Pure Nature' expo...
It is the sculpture 'Jesus' by Devas.

The comments vary from 'offensive' to 'not belonging in this exhibition' (and lots of not so nice remarks in between). I was asked yesterday (and I know Pim had the same question by someone else) if I could please remove it. I wasn't prepared for this at the time but....

Of course not!

First of all, let me explain what this artwork is about:
'Jesus' stands for nature, crucified by humans, and then when it is too late, everybody tries to patch it up. As you may have noticed, in the ivy there are now all kinds of little colourful items to make him 'nicer'. I will post a picture of later stages after I have been again.

Secondly it is GREAT if artwork makes you think! You may have heard about the Impressionists, Fauvists, Madame X, and all the other cool artists in the past. They were also told their work was disgusting - but was it?

and thirdly, try to find out WHY you hate it so much. Offensive? If you don't see the story it tells, or the allegory, it still is a picture of Jesus on the cross. Nothing offensive about that, Christian religion allows images of Jesus. Not beautiful? Hey, that's a question of taste! I personally think some artworks are 'not beautiful' but that hasn't stopped me from putting them up.

I do hope this little piece has made you think. I have left out the names of the protestors, and I congratulate Devas on actually doing something new and daring!

Marina Kulik

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