Thursday, 13 January 2011

Acrylics class - Pim de Jongh

Irene Olkonen working on an abstract version of Monet’s water lillies
Wednesday is Acrylics day with Pim. This is usually a very busy day. Once a month Pim has a special subject on the agenda. Other Wednesdays people work on what they like. The morning class was really full with people working on all sorts of different subjects. Some people started out on new projects while others continued on paintings they had started before Christmas.
The 8 people who were there after lunch found it to be quite a productive session. As you can see in the pictures...
Loes was working on a very colourful picture of some chickens. Sometimes it is easier to turn the canvas around to paint the details accurately.

Loes van Berkel and her chickens
Irene started her work on Monday evening – and had several comments on her picture. The other students were saying that it reminded them of an abstract version of Monets water lilies.
Rene had previously made a small geometric abstraction and decided to enlarge it. He quickly learnt that it is not always easy to enlarge a picture. There is still a lot of work to do before the picture is completed.
Rene Royon working on a large Geometric Abstraction
Lisa has been working on a picture from her fantasy. Even though everyone else really liked her work – Lisa herself wasn’t completely satisfied so she continued painting, scratching and working on the canvas.
Lisa Loheac working on an abstract – totally from her own fantasy

By Celina Schou

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