Monday, 17 January 2011

A still life in watercolours Part 1

Lesley Bufton's fabulous Colour exercise

Last Tuesday a small group of aquarellistas started the year 2011, with a gorgeous still life (left over from Pim's Monday class) while the two new participants (Lesley and Roland, or "Roly") went through the first steps of our book! They went fast and enthusiastic and I'm pretty sure they'll be joining the advanced group in no time... Above this post Lesley's watercolour - very well done, it is clear that she already understands the medium!
Roly is quite vigorous in his use of colours - I look forward to what that's going to develop into!

The still life: 
 And the results - not yet finished, tomorrow we'll take the work a step further - were excellent:

 Ann Edwards has used strong shadows and they give this painting a very sunny outlook!

 Cathie van der Stel's version, she will add contrast in the background - it will be stunning!

 Edith Albori observed the "colour" of the white and shows the different tones! She also experimented with salt -  not too visible in my pictures, but subtly there...

Unfinished and unmistakebly a composition by Sandra Seymour-Dale!
Bottles will get their volume tomorrow...

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