Friday, 21 January 2011

Live Model drawing - Marina Kulik - 17/01/2011

Last Monday we had a fantastic session with a small group drawing our full-bodied model Carolyn. The only thing that didn't work with us (but what else would you expect in the South of France) was the sun! It shone so bright through the windows, that even our spotlights were too weak to make the shadows dissappear... you can see it in some of the other pictures too - but apart from that it was a wonderful morning... we worked hard, drawing several 'two-minute' poses...
Neville Moray drawing fast

and two longer ones of around half an hour... Click the pictures to enlarge them...
Marijke van Schijndel at work

Neville Moray at work

Sandra Seymour-Dale at work

Virginie Bertoluzzi  at work

Sue Ellis at work

As you can see the concentration is deep and when we are finished the participants are usually content - and exhausted. If you are interested to participate, drop me (Marina Kulik) an email!

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