Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sculpture class - by Christie Robinson

Christie’s sculpture classes have started up again! The Morning class (9.30 - 12.30) had Louise as a model today and as always a lot of good work was produced.

The afternoon class started their new sculpture year @2PM
Titia is working on a sculpture of her dog – not quite finished yet and it’s the details that take time!

Titia Buter and her dog

Atie is working on a Chinese lady – this is the second in a series.
Atie van der Wulp working on her Chinese lady

Ann is experimenting with more abstract work. She takes her inspiration for nature. In the first picture you see her working on an abstract version of a conch shell. Ann has previously worked on the subject of shells. Below it you see one of her pieces which she has finished off with a raku glaze.

Marit joined the class before Christmas and has done some abstract pieces in clay. Here you see her starting off with her latest piece.  
Marit Knutsen working on the wiring for an abstract piece that will be done in plaster

by Celina Schou 

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