Monday, 31 January 2011

Aquarelle - Roses without thorns continued

Last Tuesday the Aquarellista group got together for a healthy bit of creative sparring! We're going to participate in the Grand Prix d'aquarelle and in the coming time we'll do research and development around its' theme 'Roses without thorns'. In this first phase we are looking into the character of roses - to get to know them and their characteristics.

Edith Alborni's roses. The last one has a photoshop-background to show what an extra dark layer does

Marina Teding-van Berkhout practised her hand on a couple of roses from the
demo of Fabio Cembranelli (btw - I like her version better)

Cathie van der Stel went one step further with an experimental bouquet. Click on it to see a larger version!  

Ann Edwards finished her white still life and just started on roses in a vase. She will work on them tomorrow and I'll keep you posted on the results! Lesley and Roly Bufton worked on an excercise that tests your patience and ability to mix colours. They had to 'pixelize' a photo by dividing it in 1x1cm squares and for each square choose the dominant colour. Difficult, but they both did a great job:

The picture

Lesley Bufton's 'pixelization'

Roly Bufton's version of the exercise

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