Monday, 18 February 2013

Aquarelle Tuesdays, 2-4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Agnes normally doesn't use masking fluid, but she gave it a go with the snow on the sculpture. It did not work out the way she wanted - but actually showed the 'city pollution' quite well. That gave it a somewhat engaged look.
Strangely, the pollution doesn't show on my picture of the painting! The snow is pretty and white here...
Last week most aquarellistas were skiing or otherwise engaged in the snow, or entertaining their kids because of half-term, or even as far away as Madrid to check out important museums and restaurants ☺
That left us with a small group - but we were comforted with lots and lots of tea, cookies, chocolate and lovely music! Time went superfast while we painted 'snowscapes'...
Have a look at the first results: 
Edith worked on this exciting, cold cold, seaview.
She will soften the hard lines caused by the masking fluid, which will give an even 'icier' effect!

Icy landscape by Liz - we all agreed that the lake is absolutely stunning already!
Coming post you'll see the villa in the background finished...
Anna-Karin did two extraordinary things: she used masking fluid, and... 'Green'!
Both worked out fine (the light on the needles as well as the colour green she normally doesn't choose) and she absolutely stayed true to her own, direct style!

Wendy - who succesfully finished her last starter-exercise, is now part of the Advanced group! She worked on this image to paint a 'slice' of earth with plants and roots in it. She's not yet there, but it is definitely a great idea! To be continued...

Wendy also experimented with masking fluid and showed us all what a great, batik-like effect you can achieve with it!

And last but not least, here's is a part of Wendy's practice sheet that I especially like

Although Cathie worked on the portrait for personal reasons, nothing to do with our regular Tuesday program, she finished it during our session and I just want to show you what a great  portrait artist she is.

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