Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Live Model Drawing - with Marina

Every other Monday morning we draw a model. In the 'regular' sessions (sometimes we do different things) our goal is to create drawings that 'catch' the essence of model and we do that in 3 different ways: With very quick poses, of 1 or max 2 minutes; with these poses you have no time to think or criticise yourself while you draw! The resulting drawings are often just a couple of lines, they have a spontaneous character and seem to 'move'

Karin's spontaneous and moving quick sketch! Great work!
Anita drew smaller pictures and combined them thus creating an interesting page
After this 'warming up' we proceed with poses that last around 10 minutes. We use that time to try out things, crayons, colour and styles - drawing just the outlines, or the empty spaces, or the background... While others concentrate on creating the perfect proportions...
Probably because Marie-Jo is such a beautiful and inspiring model (yes she will be there again next time) many of the drawings were particularly well done as portraits
Neville Moray
 Charmian Murley

Anita Frenkel
Claudie Deforge
After a well-deserved coffee break (because it truly is hard work, model drawing) we use the last hour for just one pose. There is no result obligation, experiment is welcomed, yet often these drawings are very good, even from the less-experienced participants!

Gaby (well done! sorry for the bad quality of my photo)
 Interested to join? Don't hesitate to let us know, we welcome new participants, experienced or beginners...
Neville Moray

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