Monday, 11 February 2013

Live Model Drawing on Monday - with Marina Kulik

Every other Monday morning the drawing group has a nude model. We usually start with a couple of 'short poses'. The model will assume a (often) complicated pose for just one or two minutes and the participants have to really hurry to get the pose on paper! That means we don't have time to think about it, we have to take superquick decisions and we often can't finish the drawing and just hint the direction or the arc of the back, or an important detail... It is difficult, but also very rewarding and although this is absolutely not done for 'results', sometimes wonderful pages are created, like the one above (by Neville, who tries to hide behind it)
We call this the 'warming up' and after it, we draw 10-minute poses. They feel like a very long time, and drawings are finished, and accurate. Last week the 10 minute challenge was 'just the outline'
10-minute pose, with just the outline - drawn by Sandra Seymour-Dale

After the 10-minue poses we have a break, to look and learn from each others work - and have a coffee or a tea, accompanied by my 'healthy cookies'. And with plenty of energy we start the last hour, where we draw just one pose, that needs to be perfect in proportion, show volume, light and shadow, and background... OR we just walk around and  draw the model from different perspectives... here's what we did, with our favourite model Marie-Jo in a beautiful, expressive pose suggested by Sandra



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