Monday, 11 February 2013

Aquarelle Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Cut-outs from abandoned paintings

Last week the Aquarellistas triggered their fantasy with a fun subject: we put torn pieces of old, rejected paintings on the nicely stretched white paper and let ourselves be inspired by what was there... The challenge of course is in the fantasy part, but also in the connection, the composition and accurately matching the colours. As you can see below, interesting things happened, it is amazing (and great) how a group of people that get along so well (they all like tisane, healthy cookies and Adele's music) creates such completely different work!!
Anna-Karin's stunning, light and balanced composition.
(Jim should recognise something here... )

As always a playful image by Agnes!
It started out as an abstract, but with watercolours... you never know!

Christiane's free-flowing design, we all agreed we would love to have a scarf with these colours!

Liz had yet another take on the project, she created this keyhole, peeping out on the cut out (with part of a car...)

 Both Mieke and Cathie didn't finish their paintings, but made a good start.
Cathie with a fantasy-tree ...
 ...and Mieke with a bird...
Wendy worked on this lovely picture of a happy horse with a flower in his mouth...
And then there were some other projects going on!
Just like the week before, Edith finished work that she started before her move to another house (I admire her stamina!)
The candy jar (or 'les bonbons') is finally done, and it is totally wonderful, with a lot of beautiful d├ętails...

Sandra worked on two pictures of women figures at the same time, the above is a work in progress with impressive light...

And this one you need to click and enlarge to really appreciate the detail of the transparent fabric she is covered with...

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