Friday, 22 February 2013

Aquarelle, Tuesdays 2-4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Downloading the Aquarellistas' work of last week I felt so proud all of a sudden! If you have a look at what everybody created, you can see those completely different personalities, picking up on different aspects of a subject and still there remains some kind of link. All the work has a certain poetry, that is not only due to the use of aquarelle...
I brought dry pods and mumbled in an email that it might be interesting to work monochrome and then forgot about that part - but monochrome it was for almost everybody as you can see below!!
'A hearty English breakfast'
Humour (baked beans and sausage in the foreground) and as always 'a little story' by Agnes

Anna-Karin finished her 'frosty pines'.
She achieved much depth and it's truly cold out there!

Chistiane's 'pods'
Not yet finished, but great shapes! And standing out against the sky. 

Anna-Karin's 'pods'
She created these in 10 minutes in just a couple of brush strokes. Very well done with the shadows - and not monochrome (click on the picture to enlarge so you can appreciate the colours better) 

'Pods' by Edith
Like Anna-Karin's they are on a white surface and they get great volume because of the shadows
Cathie is working for an expo with the theme 'voyage' and created these symbols of travel (backpacking?) in almost monochrome...

Constanza took the only colourful dry object that I brought and created this very subtle and lovely aquarelle.

 'Mask' by Wendy
This is an exercise from our Aquarelle exercise book, that covers all the subjects: transparency, flowing, sphères, highlights, contrast, shadow, skincolour and lifting... and even a bit of anatomy (the distance between eyes...)

Edith's finished 'Icy Sea-through'

Still unfinished but surely another very interesting painting by Sandra.
The pose of the woman is so expressive - and the shapes that suggest wings, and the colours... A lot of meaning behind this one. The not-so-interesting grey shape below left is the band of my camera, sorry! One of the following posts I promise a bit of extra attention for this one to make up for that mistake ☺

'Dutch snow scape' by Liz
Amazing colours, it is a bright day, the sun clearly peeps through, making it a bit less cold!
Liz experimented with masking fluid - that's how she could do the white branches on the right. Would have been quite a challenge otherwise...

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