Sunday, 5 October 2014

Aquarelle for beginners - also on Tuesday afternoons!

Aquarelle watercolours have a reputation of being difficult. The strange thing is, that it is actually very easy to use, everybody who has been to kindergarten has worked with the
little naps of paint, a brush and a jar of water. And that's how you work with Aquarelle too. 
The only thing is, it's transparent - and that requires a very different way of thinking and planning your painting. That's why it is difficult - it is difficult to make something beautiful with it, you need experience! For the Tuesday afternoons of our Aquarellista group, we have a 5-afternoon starters workshop. In those 5 afternoons you will learn all the basic technical stuff there is to know. After that you will have to practise, but you will have done everything at least once!
There is a course-book with all the exercises (front page designed by Sandra Seymour-Dale) that you can order through Blurb
There are a couple of starters now, they all have experience in other media but not with watercolours Their paintings are wonderful - and they are having fun! Here are some examples of the first exercises:
 'Get the colours right' exercise (abstract) Above Avril, below Fabienne

'Eyes' by Maryse

part of Maryse's skin colours try-out. I love it!

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