Wednesday, 8 October 2014

EXPO Les Artistes des Pays-Bas: RECOMMENDED

Try to visit this one, I recommend it, because it is truly great to see all that diversity and quality artwork. And by the way, things are moving, there is so much sold already! Some of the dutch Hangar students are exhibiting, but also teachers Nelly, Pim and yours truly have work there!! It is interesting to see that the three of us clearly have similarities in the sizes and the importance of colour in our paintings, yet our works are so different!

Click on the pictures for a closer view

 Nelly's two paintings - large sizes, very symbolic. The one on the right (Sacrifice au dieu) shows an African woman with two dolls between her breasts. This refers to an African tradition, to give a woman who lost a child a doll, that she has to take care of (feed, clean, dress) for at least 6 weeks. This woman lost twins. And there is so much more in the painting that is open to interpretation - you can look at it for hours and it makes you think...

Pim has two abstracts, large size, colourful and with shapes that cannot really be defined or understood. The titles are 1 and 2 so it is completely open for everyones interpretation. Just stand in front of it and see what it does to you. Very interesting!

Marina (yours truly) is a bit in between: I am still on a path to somewhere I don't yet quite know - researching, trying out and totally enjoying the ride - as you will be able to see from my paintings!! I will show it on my facebook page and website, and if you visit I am sure you will see it, as it is very hard to miss! ☺

***Note that all of the above is my interpretation - feel free to leave your opinions and criticism in the comments section!!

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