Friday, 3 October 2014

Live Model drawing on Mondays, with Marina Kulik

 I sneaked out early last time, and Charmian kindly took pictures of the work. I invite you to have a look, and I think you will be as impressed as I am! The pictures show the peaceful beauty of the model as well as the talent of the drawers!

We always start with very short poses as a warming up, and finish with a pose that lasts one hour...
It is very difficult and after our 2 hours everybody is exhausted (in a good way). 
I will organise a starters class from halfway October, on Friday mornings probably. As I have to give the first couple of lessons in my house (the Hangar is not available due to a ceramics workshop) I have an absolute maximum of 6 places, 2 (Patrick & Gaby) already booked. If you want to participate, drop me an email...

Some of the artists are quite daring in their impressions!

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