Monday, 27 October 2014

Aquarelle on Tuesdays from 2pm - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Creating Depth in Abstract Watercolours
part two...
 This is depth - and below is how Agnes did it:
 The recipe is cold and warm light paint on two sides of a very wet surface, leaving the mid-part unpainted. Move the board and then put down, add stones (they may be dirty!), stand on them, add salt, spray water, pigments... and let dry... and then add the next layer, using a big brush and a cool colour. And after that has dried, a third layer, with a really dark cool colour... Behold the results:
 Anna-Karin - after and before

 Avril - before and after

 Fabienne - before and after

 Constanza, before and after

 Liz - before and after
And some of the other work:

 Great one by Elia B - a lot of depth there!

 Sandra created one with a load of salt - it was almost a relief. Invisible in the picture I'm afraid. She is experimenting with varnish & the salt and we will keep you posted on how that goes...
Christiane experimented with small shapes in the dark instead of big brushstrokes. 

This is lovely, the colours are fragile - but there is not much depth. Just for example and to prove my point for the next session, I photoshopped a version with very dark brush strokes. It is pretty ugly - but shows depth!☺

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