Monday, 20 October 2014

Aquarelle on Tuesday 2pm - 4.30pm with Marina

It rained and rained but nobody of the Aquarellistas noticed: we were painting portraits! It is definitely a subject everybody likes - check out the results of Tuesday the 14th!
 Wise Woman by Christine

Karen - a portrait with scarf (in progress) by Cathie

Beauty in progress by Edith

Anna-Karin's grand daughter

'Steve' by Brenda (He could be Paul McCartney's twin bro do you agree?)

 'Nigel' by Sandra Seymour-Dale

 Two versions of Christiane's grand daughter - first a thorough practice round in black and white and then the coloured version! Way to go & well done!

 Fabulous painting by Nusch inspired by John Singer Sargent

 And another gorgeous one by Pauline inspired by Roger Oncoy

 Vicky started a portrait of her son - by no means finished but getting there...she's joining Cathie and my 'One-hair-brush-club ☺

Lush portrait of classic beauty with transparant dress by Agn├Ęs

Fabienne worked on her wash-and-then-add-volume-exercise and did a terrific job!

And Anna-Karin did 2 more portraits, this time of apples, a subject she's very good at and she has lots of commissions for...
And talking about Anna-Karin, on Tuesday 21 October, she will tell us all about the workshop she followed in Bordeaux. It is going to be very interesting! Watch this space for pictures and results!

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