Monday, 6 October 2014

Aquarelle on Tuesday afternoons - with Marina Kulik

Brenda's back! and she made a very good start with this wonderfully light portrait

Last Tuesday because we all really felt like it, we started another round of 'Portraits'. I explained the basics of proportions, how to make skin colour and how dark shadows actually are (and how they can improve the expression) The idea is to paint loved ones, we'll start doing that coming Tuesday - but this was a practice round and gosh!! How great are the results! I am very proud of you all!

 Fantastic poetic and fragile portrait by Christine.Looking forward to more by her!

Great portrait by Liz - that naughty look...! To be finished.

 Christiane - she already started with a loved one, but, a monochrome version to get the shapes and contrasts right! It worked out, what a cutie!

  Very expressive portrait by Laura, note the hair - it is shades of purple! Works so well

Confident beauty by Pauline - the light shining through the veil is amazing!

Sandra couldn't join us but worked along with us from home and started this portrait - she will add poetry in the next stage! 
You can look forward to more of this in one of my next posts about our aquarellista group

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