Monday, 22 June 2015

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

Bev has been working on a dark interior with a window - the light coming from outside. In this stage, the background is still light, but the picture is quite strong already!!

Theme for last Tuesdays' Aquarelle session was 'overgrown with ivy'. No one finished yet, but Bev and Brenda's work is already so interesting I really want you to see it. It will completely change next session!
 Brenda's painting of an overgrown place - this will change enormously in the next version - there will be lots of contrast, and probably accents in feltpen. Can't wait to see the result!

  Avril's Walasse Ting-cat, now finished. I love it, the personality of the cat and the clear lines, typical for Avril's style

Cathie is working on an important commission. So fragile and interesting.
(The Hangar blog will of course have the scoop on this later - watch this space!!)

 A fa-bu-lous wave by Edith. The colours are stunning and it is so transparent!!

 Edith also started on a new picture - at this point it is still quite abstract, but already very strong and interesting!

 Linda has the Hangar watercolourbook now and will go through the exercises. Here's her 'washing' result, that went really well - now on to the 'Volume'!

 Liz started with an eye candy painting! Not finished - expect stunning sharp shadows and admire the bright'n happy colours that are already there!!

This is another strangely interesting painting by Patience, with lots of pigment and it triggers a lot. It has words, like 'Marie-Josephine' and 'Limoncello'  and dates, and hearts and more in it. 
Click to enlarge and enjoy more!

 Sandra worked on two brilliant paintings. Above a bout of bad weather coming up. Thunder and lightning coming this way. Donker. Below the fragile tulips and a beautiful patterned 'curtain'. It is almost finished and the thing is to keep the delicacy!

And I sign off with: I am so proud of you!

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