Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Hangar Spring Trip to Saluzzo - part 3

The last creative day was lovely warm and sunny and we went to Staffarda, to visit the Abbazia Santa Maria. A truly wonderful place, beautiful and architecturally interesting, with many an arch, fresco's, ornaments, and lots and lots of complicated perspective! 
Pim was enjoying himself enormously as you can imagine

 A lot of artists found a good spot to work in the garden

 And others worked around the fountain. That group used pigment and gomme Arabique...

And had all kinds of inspiration. The shadows in themselves were so strong - yet very difficult to 'catch': we were working outside and that sun moves really fast, changing the shadows rapidly....a challenge!

 And there were kittens!

And amazing ornaments

We had lunch in the Restaurant 'Il Sigillo', with a fabulous wine that motivated and fired us up even more - and around 4.30pm when we tried to get everyone together to get back to the hotel, many didn't really want to leave!

But in the end we did make it back - and after freshing up a little bit we went for the last part of the trip: the prizes for best artwork, the 'Prix du Public' and the 'Prix du Jury'. Followed by an original Italian  goodbye dinner!
I will show the work of the finalists in the 4th and last post about this Hangar Spring Trip!!! Watch this space...

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