Monday, 15 June 2015

Aquarelle class of 9 June: tempera and aquarelle with Cathie & Bev!

Another tempera afternoon - without yours truly, but that didn't matter, because Cathie was there, and Bev. They made sure everyone had the zen afternoon they needed. Below some pictures of what was achieved:
Brenda is back! She tried out the tempera and after scrapping back a lot of colour  created this impressive Iris! 

 Sandra worked in aquarelle, on these tulips, with a very interesting masked curtain.   

 Bev worked with tempera to paint these eggs, on a  home-prepared gesso surface. She found it an enjoyable challenge.

 Patience no.1 Using tempera and gouache.    

 Patience no. 2 tempera and gouache

 Patience no 3 - this picture has a story - about a wall between two souls

Lindas came for the very first time and created her first watercolours and to quote Cathie: WOW! How good is this?? Looking forward to working with you Linda!

  Edith started a new watercolour wave.     

And almost finished her panda. 
She used tempera & pigment for the trunk and added a bit stronger green.
Looking very good!! 

Another fabulous still life with brushes by Cathie.

 and always interesting: Linda's exercise in colour mixing.  

And way way far away in England, Agnès was thinking of us and creating a fabulous Renaissance portrait - with a doodle twist:

Cat and Beverly thank you both so very much for being there and taking over when I couldn't be there, so that we could have continuity! I deeply appreciate it and by the look of it the group has loved it too! 

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