Friday, 19 June 2015

The Hangar Spring Trip to Saluzzo - part 4

 The last Evening in Saluzzo!!

We started with a good look at all the work! All artists put their drawings and paintings in the walls and benches - and the teachers explained about the themes and ways of working and thanked all participants for their enthusiasm and praised them for their talent, the results are - as always on our trips surprizing and amazing!

Then it was time for the jury to have a good look at everything, because there were Certificates to be won: 
 The 'Prix du Public' certificate awarded by selected non-artists, who very seriously judged all work!

And the 'Prix du Jury' certificate, awarded by the teachers - just as serious...
Although they did their judging seperately, they completely agreed on the top 10!

And the winners are:.....

Brenda Moorehouse who won the Prix du Public

Catherine Dogherty who won the Prix du Jury

And then we dug in on the very Italian meal - super good, tasty and varied pizza's, combined with speeches and huge bottles of red wine for the organizers (sorry for the pictures...)

...topped off with the best italian ice cream as desert. I still dream of the strawberry flavour, I think I had 3 portions...

As you can read in this and the 3 previous ones, it was a fantastic trip, we all had a great time, and we can't wait for next time! There will be a 'Trip Reunion' after the summerbreak, we will keep you posted!! In the meantime: don't forget to send your Trip-pictures to Marina, keep 'em coming!!!

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