Monday, 1 June 2015

The Hangar Spring Trip to Saluzzo - part 2

Thursday 21 May we woke up with the rain clattering on the windows, but after a hearty breakfast, we saw the sun appear, and we drove to the village of Castellar, a 10 minutes drive from Saluzzo, to draw and paint the local Fort, Castello della Manta. Before going up the hill we stopped at the local Ristorante 'Sarvanot' and booked lunch (with hands and feet) for 25 people... Then going up we noticed scarecrows everywhere! Beautiful, complicated and very scary ones. It is a local 'celebrazione', from 4 - 11 May - and they were still there!
 Much, much better pictures of the scarecrows will be shown during the trip reunion...

 And then... the Fort towering over us: Impressive!
We were welcomed by the owner, set up our drawing and painting gear and started working!! Many of us learned to draw and hold an umbrella at the same time, and it was pretty cold , but nevertheless very good work was created.

A well-deserved and extensive lunch in the ristorante Sarvanot followed

and then the sun came back!

And here are some artworks - more will follow 

The owner of the castello della Manta had to leave, and so had we, but first he told us about the long history (since 1300) of his Fort.

In very fast French with a heavy italian accent, and for those of you who missed a detail or two, follow this link: and you'll know everything!

Back home in the hotel, there was a private concert in the 'reception area': Peter Lea playing the saxophone and Anton Dikken the guitar. And we sang!! Two new trip-hits, last year's trip-hit, and a couple of nice blues songs... It was great! Then dinner and a good nights' sleep...  and then a new day with a new challenge. You will read about that in the next post: the third day...

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