Monday, 29 June 2015

Tuesday 23 June, 2 - 4.30pm - Watercolours with Cathie

 Tiny  people crossing a bridge

Tuesday 23 June, Marina in Holland, Cathie took over! Anna Karin worked with us after a long absence due to sad personal circumstances. She will go to Sweden for the summer, and left us with these beautiful interesting and symbolic small paintings...
Looking at the light by Anna Karin

Agnes is back, she started another portrait which in the next stage she will get more detail and a bit of pen. What an expression! Can't wait to see the result!.

 Brenda's overgrown house is one step further - looks so real and mysterious!!

 Edith will add more cracks to the rocks to finish her beautiful delicate painting.

 Liz experimented with gauze tape - click on the picture to enlarge it - and discover the effect. Actually quite interesting and useful!

  Liz almost finished her beach umbrellas.

Sandra moved on with her tulips - interesting stuff happening, it is in the final stages if you ask me
Sandra's Seascape has changed dramatically! How I love that orange! 

As you can see from the aquarelles above, Cathie did a good job as always, so a great big fat THANK YOU to her for taking over again!!! We're back to normal now until end of July - Watercolour class stops in August and resumes second week of september...

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