Monday, 9 May 2011

Aquarelle Tuesday 3 May

'Falling leaf' by Ann Edwards

The 'cards' for the Hangar Summer Fête are inspiring the aquarellistas! It turns out to be great fun to be bound to a certain size, it makes you think in another way and of other subjects... Top of the post is a leaf with a dew drop, very subtly painted by Ann Edwards...
After her wonderful (and time consuming) painting of her water lily in several layers, Edith Alborni painted another version in just a couple of brush strokes:

The first version of Edith Alborni's water lily, now finalised

Girl with yellow hat by Lies Timmermans

 Sandra Seymour-Dale's 'Village by night', now in the final stages...
House by Leslie Bufton - an exercise in perspective and reflection...

We hope you recognise how much is actually possible in aquarelle, see the very different styles of the Aquarellista artists and in general the fun we all have creating our paintings... And please don't hesitate to give your comments, we are open to them!

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