Monday, 2 May 2011

Perspective in aquarelle

Amazing reflection by Edith Alborni...
this is one of her 18x14 cards to be won during the fête on 19 June

Last week we were with only 5 aquarellistas and I took the opportunity to present a 'theory bit' on perspective, euh, our perspective, intuitive, nothing too technical... (I'll use our Aquarellista blog to illustrate and repeat that one!)  And after that explanation Edith, Lesley, Roly and Sandra worked on their own projects, all completely different and all wonderful!!
Sandra Seymour-Dale's unfinished-but-already-great 'Village by night'
(objects are bluer when in the distance)

Lesley Bufton started a house using the new rules of perspective

Roly Bufton painted another lovely quiet sea view, using a yellow background to make the image seem 'warmer' (and objects in the distance are smaller)

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