Friday, 27 May 2011

Hangar Spring Trip V

The afternoon of the last day was spent creating posters, in the style of Toulouse Lautrec, that would communicate the 'feeling' of the trip, and could be used (as a logo) in communication about the trip ... A difficult exercise, and the participants were working very serious and concentrated! Also, because there were going to be two jury commissions, the Public jury (the non-painters) and the Professional jury (Pim, Caroline, Paul and yours truly) who promised to be very strict... 4.30pm the work was done and we numbered the posters so that the jury would not know whose they were. The results were creative, funny and completely different from one another! (I still can't tell you exactly who made which one! but I'll give it a try, and please! fill in the blanks and let me know where I went wrong!)
 Baye, Betty and Brenda

Charmian, Gina and ?Pim?Gonnie?

Joop, Horst and Karin

Piep, ?Lies? Sherry? Lucy? Anton?, Titia

Then the Public jury was invited in... They all got 2 votes...
George Buter, Hennie Loerts and Jan Smit seriously busy judging...

Emmy Kulik, Arie van Limborgh and Henk Schep discuss the finer lines while participants Charmian and Gina think they can sneak out without being seen (ha! caught on camera!)

From the next stage, the judging of the profesional jury, I have no pictures: way too involved in that one, it was so difficult!! But that night -during another very good and well-decorated dinner- we could announce two winners (and two runners-up):

The winner of the Public Jury: Titia Buters' affiche!!

She received praise for the humorous and complete way she had expressed the atmosphere of the trip, and especially for the portrait of Anton playing guitar (so la la la la etc...) Her well-deserved prize will be presented in the Café Culture of September, dedicated to this trip.

And the winner of the Professional jury: the poster of Marij van Schijndel!

She received praise for the wonderful portraits that she did of Pim and myself (very flattered Marijke thank you), for the symbolic people holding hands, and for the useability as a logo for all communication concerning the Hangar trip! She also will receive her prize during the Rentree Café Culture in September...
No prize but definitely a honorary mention from the professional jury for Charmian Murley and Karin Geurtsen. And for all others, because actually, all affiches had their own character and Pim and I were very proud of all of you!!
After the main dish, Jan Smit gave a wonderful and funny speech to thank the teachers and Piep Tissot who organized our stay in the Chateau for this trip

And the three of us were not only applauded, we received a very heavy Toulouse Lautrec-'BOOK'  with 3 abslutely fantastic bottles of 2005 Gaillac from the Cave de Labastide de Levis (with Toulouse Lautrec labels!)
Thank you so much for this gift!! We appreciate it very very much!
After the desert, the serving-crew was invited and Anton Dikken gave a speech to thank them, and Caroline and Dario received envelopes with interesting content!
And Paul de Vilder, 'Seigneur de Aiguefonde', received a memory-poster, created by the teachers, picturing himself and with everybody's signatures on it. He liked it a lot, and promised to frame it and put it in view - Piep and Joop will soon check that out...
And that was the trip. I look back on it with a very happy feeling, and can't wait to go again! Pim thinks of Corsica next year, so who knows....?!

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