Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hangar Spring Trip IV

And then on the second day of our Spring trip to Aiguefonde, there was the other group that wanted to discover the surroundings of the Chateau! The weather was great, and we started with a stroll - to decide who was going to draw what - and where... We found several fabulous spots, quite far apart and some very high up and yours truly lost a lot of weight running around to 'advise' everybody! But the results were in one word: excellent!!!
Betty Schep's romantic impression of one of the statues - jokingly called 'David on the phone'

Brenda Moorhouse drew wonderful a birds' perspective of the chateau, in pen and ink

Charmian Murley did two amazing drawings of the fountains - one shown here, both to be admired on the Trip Post Mortem Café Culture (date tba)

Gina Smit did a fantastic job with pencil on the mysterious ruin with the curious stone construction

Joop Kulik found a perfect location on top of the hill and made his daughter proud with his pen & watercolour work!

Karin Geurtsen tried out several materials, one of them pastels! The artwork has come out very interesting, in colour as well as composition - and Karin was green all over...

Marij van Schijndel was on a roll and did three excellent drawings. With a very good David on the phone - click the picture for more detail

Sherry Spetz did several try outs of which the white chair came out best! 

 Titia Buter experimented with the combination of colour and simple lines to give David a bit of decorum. It works...

This is the group, waiting for their quick lunch! After which they hurried back for more drawing and painting

The evaluation of the work of both groups by the teachers...

...and another delicious dinner - for those who like rognons (kidneys)

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