Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Monday Abstract Classes

For the past couple of years the same group has got together on Monday evenings to do abstract paintings. Right now everyone is preparing for the big event this summer: - the exhibition ABSTRACT VIBRATIONS. Pim is the guide, teacher and master of the class. Here you see him at the end of the evening, happy with everyone's work.

During the time the group has spent together- time has been devoted to different artists and movements. Everyone seems to have their favourites. Here you see Sylvia van der Weide working on her painting influenced by the COBRA movement. To see some of her work you can visit her website: http://sylvia.hangarart.org

This is Michele de Laat working on her last piece - it is a "typical Michele" - everyone in the group has learned to recognize it.

Merete Frickmann has produced a lot of paintings - usually they are very Scandinavian in their colours. Monday evening she started working on a much smaller format. If you would like to see Merete's work take a look at her website: http://merete.hangarart.org

Anne Holtermann also has a very characteristic style. Pim has for quite some time tried carefully suggesting that she should try out some new colour palettes. Maybe she was influenced by the sunset on Sunday - here she is working on a pink masterpiece.

Lisbeth Petersen has also developed a characteristic style and uses earth colours. Here she is discussing with Anne how to proceed. Being able to discuss ones work with fellow artists is one of the things this group really likes about the sessions.

Anne Marie Viborel started on a new painting. If you would like to see some of the work she has finished take a look at her website: http://amviborel.hangarart.org

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