Monday, 16 May 2011

Hangar Spring Trip I

From 11 - 15 May, sixteen Hangar artists (Anton Dikken, Baye Loerts, Betty Schep, Brenda Moorhouse, Charmian Murley, Gina Smit, Gonnie Rikken, Horst Timmermans, Joop Kulik, Karin Geurtsen, Lies Timmermans, Lucie Schaap, Marij van Schijndel, Piep Tissot, Sherry Spetz and Titia Buter) stayed in the elegant Chateau Aiguefonde in Aiguefonde (near Mazamet in the Tarn - Midi-Pyrenees). We stayed in beautiful rooms, had wonderful meals, yet best of all were of course the hours that we spent observing, drawing and painting... In the coming days (weeks) I'll present you the highlights of our trip, that led us to Brassac:

Impression of the bridge over the river l'Agout
 in pencil by Gina Smit

On the second day the group divided: those who wanted to stay near the Chateau and its surroundings

View on the Chateau d'Aiguefonde by Joop Kulik

and the others who went to the lovely village of Hautpoul

Village of Hautpoul by Piep Tissot
The last day of our trip, we spent the morning in the beautiful city of Albi where we visited the Toulouse Lautrec Museum, and after lunch the Cathedral Sainte Cécile. Back in the Chateau we worked on posters in Toulouse Lautrec-style, that represented the trip, for the poster-contest...

Poster by Charmian Murley

More about all this in the coming days...

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