Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hangar Spring Trip III

On the second day, a part of the artists group undertook a trip to the wonderful, high up in the Midi-Pyrénees, village of Hautpoul. We were told that to enter the village gates you first had to climb a terribly steep path, but that the view was one hundred percent worth it... (The other half stayed in the chateau because there was truly enough inspiration there for several days...).
It turned out to be not such a bad climb and Gonnie, Lies, Horst, Baye, Anton, Piep and Lucy drew the city wall, the gates and the streets in sepia ink. And then had a wonderful lunch in Hautpoul's only restaurant (that happened to be owned by people from the Côte d'Azur!) where Pim did another hilarious conference (this is all hearsay! I wasn't there - so correct me if I got it wrong... )
Below some of the artwork, and the rest will be exhibited during the Post Mortem Café Culture (to be announced)
The old stone city wall with loopholes, by Horst Timmermans

Anton Dikken drew the same subject

Beautiful impression of the gates in Hautpoul
pen drawing washed in with sepia and blue ink by Baye Loerts 

Lies Timmermans hard at work on her version

Gonnie, Lies, Piep, Lucy and Baye watch how Pim demonstrates 'washing in with ink'

Some of the results of 'the other half' - that worked on the (surroundings of the) chateau will be posted next time!

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