Thursday, 2 December 2021

Lundi 22 novembre 2021 de 9h30 à 12h NATURE MORTE avec Pim

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Thème de l’exercice du jour : le cubisme
by Hélène Pons

Pim nous commenté le cubisme et ces différentes époques et formes

        cubisme analytique 1907-1912 avec Picasso et Braque

        cubisme synthétique 1910-1914

Ensuite, nous avons réalisé des croquis aux feutres noirs et crayons gris pour obtenir 3 couleurs : noir, gris, et le blanc du papier : les résultats sont très bons.


Thème de lundi en 15 : composition d'un paysage

À partie de vos dessins et photos nous composerons un paysage 

        un dessin au feutre fin coloré par un lavis de couleurs limitées.

        ainsi qu'un dessin au feutre épais style fauvisme



Monday November 22, 2021 from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Theme of the day's exercise: cubism

Pim commented on cubism and these different eras and forms

        analytical cubism 1907-1912 with Picasso and Braque

        synthetic cubism 1910-1914

Then, we made sketches with black markers and gray pencils to obtain 3 colors: black, gray, and the white of the paper: the results are very good.

Monday theme in 15: landscape composition

From your drawings and photos we will compose a landscape

        a fine-felt drawing colored by a wash of limited colors.

        as well as a thick felt-tip drawing in Fauvism style

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

The AGM (Annual General Meeting) 2021-2022


Wednesday 24 November, 6.30pm, the Hangar opened its doors to welcome the members for the AGM! It was nice and warm, there was coffee tea and cake, and  a long table for the departing Board (represented by Arie, Jan Karel and Patrick) to report about the past year, give a good financial overview and say their goodbyes.

After leaving president Jan Karel passed the baton to new president Ina Carels, he also gave her the 'Hangar Cap' - which looks great on her by the way!
Then the new board, with Ina Carels as president, Marina Kulik as vice-president and Arie van Limborgh as Treasurer, introduced themselves. 
Ina and Marina will keep their functions for one year and use that year to structure, clean up & simplify the Hangar processes and make them transferable. 
Arie 'the Financial Wizard' will not step down for the time being,will continue to do his work for at least two more years.
After the formal part, there were lovely drinks and nibbles, everything was discussed again, but now informally, with lots of laughs as well as interesting networking. We were all too busy with that to take pictures, So sorry! (yet we went home well in time for the second half of the football match of Ajax 😂 )
For more substantive information, we refer you to the minutes that will be sent to the members shortly!


Monday, 22 November 2021

The Hangar Spring Trip to Castigliano del Lago, part 3

 The last day of our trip involved a lot of hard work: We asked the participants to produce a Poster, inspired by the impressions of the past 3 days...

The poster contest that followed was juried by ourselves, and a lot of impartial others. The posters were only numbered. They are fantastic, all different, original and very well executed! We are so proud of every single member of this group!!! 

Have a look, here are the results (with apologies to Bev, who created a poster in oil, on canvas, that couldn't be hung on the window with tape. And I didn't take a picture... But there is an action picture:

Really good quality - and amazing to see those different styles!! From minimal in charcoal to super detailed with watercolours to the before-mentioned oil!! Then the voting took place...

... and right after the voting we started our last, absolutely fabulous 5-course Italian meal, with music and dancing. 
Above a couple of pictures, but if you want to see everything, come to our reunion, for which you will be invited per email. 
We will have all pictures as well as movies, where you will see everyone dance (Patrick!!! Ton!!! Gonny!!!😅) and have a lot of fun!!

We congratulate Moira and Marie-Anne with their well-deserved first prize (an Aquarellista cookbook and a couple of ingredients, as well as a honorary place in the hotel) and we look forward to seeing you pop in for the reunion. (and to the next one!)

Friday, 12 November 2021

The Hangar Spring Trip to Castigliano del Lago, part 2

A fantastic day on the Isola Maggiore

The previous post about the Hangar trip (scroll down if you missed it) showed the drawings and paintings that everyone created on the first day, in the village.
This second post gives an impression of that wonderful island, in the middle of the Lago Trasimeno. Everything about the island is different from the villages on the mainland, the buildings, the animals (lots of semi-tame pheasants) and the plants (Oleanders with round seed pods). The skies were blue, the temperature was exactly right, the beach was breathtaking, the boat trip there and back was amazing. 

The artwork was wonderful as well, it will be shown when we get together for a trip reunion, end of November. But here are some action photo's to give you an impression of what inspired it!

Could you all send me your best trip-pictures, via WeTransfer?
It is easy, just follow the link
(and take the 'Free - Starter Kit' option.)

If you prefer to send by email, please keep the pictures small.

As we mentioned before we will soon organise a Trip-reunion, where we will project them ALL on the big screen. That's going to be such fun!!!

Saturday, 23 October 2021

The Hangar Spring Trip to Castigliano del Lago, part 1

From 22 - 26 September, a group of Hangar artists finally drove to Umbria in Italy for the Hangar Spring Trip that was originally planned for spring 2020... Anna, Beverly, Brenda, Charlotte, Gunther, Helene, Ina, Marie-Anne, Maria,  Moira, Patrick, René and teachers Pim and Marina were to have 3 full days of undisturbed outside drawing and painting in the Italian sun!
Ton van Schijndel joined them, to make sure the partners had enough to do, on the golf course, in the wine-tasting areas and museums. We thank him for that!!!

In this post we show you the excellent drawings and paintings which were created by the participants on the first day! 

In the morning we started in Castiglione,creating drawings in pen or pencil, in order to get to know the village, the view and the surroundings. In the afternoon we continued, now with a better knowledge of what we wanted to draw, a bit of colour and some accents, as well as lots of artistic freedom!!

Here the drawings and some action pictures...:


Tired yet happy, we got together again afterwards

To enjoy a beverage and Marina's mild criticism - explained by most as 'daily compliment' 😎

To be continued!!


of course there are hundreds of pictures and movies, with lots of people in them, dancing and eating and overall silliness. They can't be in this post, but we will soon organise a Trip-reunion, where I will project them ALL on the big screen. That's going to be such fun!!!

Sunday, 29 August 2021

Covid rules in the Hangar/Règlement Covid pour le Hangar



Since our re-opening last May , certain  obligations pertaining to the COVID pandemic have been put in place in the Hangar  ( keep distance, wear masks, limited number of persons inside… )
The French government has recently reinforced its measures in the fight against the spreading of the pandemic .    
The Hangar will respect and follow Government instructions 
From September 1th (start of the new Hangar year) it will be compulsory for all who want to participate in our activities to show:  

  • Either proof of vaccination against COVID (sanitary pass)  
  • Or proof of a negative antigenic or PCR test (less than 72 hrs before coming) 

Our teachers are instructed to see to it that this obligation is respected.   
We trust you understand that the Hangar’s  main objective is the protection of its members, its teachers, its visitors.  
To respect these rules will help to fight the pandemic and put an end to it one day...  

Thanks for your  understanding, see you soon in the Hangar!
For the Hangar Board  
Jan Karel Bout
Marijke Obbink 


Depuis notre réouverture en mai dernier, certaines  obligations en relation avec la pandémie du  COVID ont été mis en place au Hangar ( garder ses distances, mettre un masque , limiter le nombre de personnes à l’intérieur… ). 
Le gouvernement Français a récemment renforcé les mesures dans la lutte contre la propagation de la pandémie.   
Le Hangar respectera et suivra les instructions gouvernementales 
partir du premier septembre (début de la nouvelle année du Hangar) il sera obligatoire pour tous ceux qui veulent participer à nos activités de : 

  • Soit avoir une preuve de vaccination contre la COVID (pass sanitaire) 
  • Soit la preuve d’un test antigénique ou un test PCR négatif (de moins de 72 heures avant de venir) . 

Les professeurs ont instruction de veiller à ce que cette obligation soit respecté.  
Nous sommes confiants que vous compreniez que l’objectif principal du Hangar est la protection de ses membres, ses professeurs et ses visiteurs.. 
Respecter ces règles contribuera à combattre la pandémie, et en finir avec elle un jour….  
Merci pour votre compréhension, et à bientôt au Hangar !
Pour le Board du Hangar 
Jan Karel Bout
Marijke Obbink