Monday, 24 May 2021

Life Drawing starts again on 31 May!

The last couple of weeks, some of the most motivated artists have taken the initiative to practise their skills. Together with model Josie they have already done the groundwork for a fantastic Model-Drawing season, that starts on the last day of May!!

Here are some of the results:




The Hangar Life Model drawing classes take place on Monday mornings from 10 am - 12 noon in the Hangar. If you want to participate, drop an email to!

Saturday, 8 May 2021


 We are so happy to announce: The HANGAR will open its doors again on May 19th!!!
Please find below the program. 
Nous sommes ravis d'annoncer: The HANGAR ouvrira à nouveau ses portes le 19 mai!!!  Veuillez trouver ci-dessous le programme.


19-30 May 2021




19 Wedn AM & PM



20 Thurs AM & PM



21 Friday           PM 

Cold Wax/Cire froide &  Oils / Huile


22 Saturday      AM



23 Sunday         AM

Creative Expression


24 Monday       AM

Outside Drawing/ Dessin extérieur  OR Still life/Nature Morte  


25 Tuesday        AM 

Oils / Peinture à l’huile
Watercolour / Aquarelle 


26 Wedn AM & PM



27 Thurs AM & PM



28 Friday          AM

Cold Wax/Cire froide & oil/huile


29 Saturday      AM



31 Monday       AM

Life drawing /Dessin modèle vivant


For all further details please contact your teacher or
Pour tout renseignement complémentaire, veuillez contacter votre professeur ou
The Hangar opening implies that all those participating in the courses continue to respect the usual COVID sanitary regulations (keeping distance, wearing masks). The maximum number allowed per course is 10. 
So please inform your teacher if you are planning to come!
L'ouverture du Hangar implique que toutes les personnes participant aux cours continuent à respecter les règles sanitaires habituelles de COVID (respect des distances, port de masques). Le nombre maximum autorisé par cours est de 10 personnes. 
Veuillez donc informer votre professeur si vous prévoyez de venir!

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Marina's Life drawing Challenges

Although the Hangar remains closed for the coming time, there are some activities here and there. As you could read in the latest Newsletter, there are online classes, by 

Marina Teding van Berkhout, 

Francesca Messina 

and yours truly, Marina Kulik, with free watercolour classes (Sign up via this form)

This post is showing some results of the online Life Drawing Challenge we have every other week.

Peinture, créé par René, qui s'est laissé inspirer par tous les modèles nous avons travaillé avec lors des sessions précédentes. Pour moi, c'est Picasso et Chagall réunis. Bien fait!

The challenge runs entirely by email (Eng and Fra) and if you want to join you can subscribe to it via this email link, subject:"Life drawing Challenge" -

Le défi se déroule entièrement par e-mail (en anglais et français) et si vous souhaitez vous inscrire, vous pouvez vous y abonner via ce lien e-mail, objet: "Life Drawing Challenge"
The only thing you have to do is choose one of the pictures of nudes that are attached to the mails and create a drawing of that nude 
La seule chose que vous devez faire est de choisir l'une des photos de nus qui sont attachées aux courriers et de créer un dessin de ce nu
 You will keep training your eye-hand coordination, and your drawing(s) will be published in the next mail to the group. And of course they are photo's, they sit very very still which is slightly easier!
Vous continuerez à entrainer votre coordination œil-main, et vos dessins seront publiés dans le prochain mail adressé au groupe. Et naturellement ils sont des photos, immobiles, donc un peu plus facile!
  The challenge is for everyone, and you get free advice about your drawings if you like.
Le défi est pour tout le monde, et vous obtenez des conseils gratuits sur vos dessins si vous le souhaitez.

It only stops when we can go back to the Hangar and draw 'Live' 
Cela ne s'arrête que lorsque nous pouvons retourner au hangar et dessiner 'Live'

Again, if you are interested in participating, mailto the Hangar Address and we will put you on the mailinglist! Looking forward to it...
Donc - si vous êtes intéressés à participer, envoyez un email à l'adresse du Hangar et nous vous mettrons sur la liste de diffusion! Dans l'attente ...

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Pim's art in Le Relais in Les Adrets!

Today I went to Le Relais in Les Adrets to deliver a couple of Aquarellista Cookbooks and pick up some yummy takeaway (scroll down for menu and link, really recommended!!!) 
Of course the restaurant is closed, but when you order a meal you can wait inside - and when looked at the walls I saw work of... PIm!!
It is a modest collection, but it looks really good on their walls. I only took some pictures as proof, I know you 'll want to see it for real, so give the owners Rob & Mark a call and order some of their fab food. (For the dutchees: they have kroketjes!) They can use our support in these difficult times...
The restaurant is in the centre of Les Adrets, less than a half hour drive from the Hangar!
Address: 4 rue Grande, 83600 Les Adrets de l'Esterel, Phone: +33 4 94 53 50 92

Here's the take away menu -with family discount- for this week:

Thursday, 19 November 2020

LE Aquarellista Cookbook


As we could not have an exhibition this period, the Aquarellistas decided to showcase their watercolours in a book. A heavy, beautiful illustrated recipe book. It has 110 pages with fantastic recipes, mains, starters, desserts and also cocktails! Most of the recipes are personal favourites of the artists. You can count on tasty comfort food and the best paintings!
Comme nous ne pouvions pas avoir un exposition à cette période, les Aquarellistes ont décidé de présenter leurs aquarelles dans un livre. Un beau livre de recettes illustré. Il a 110 pages avec des recettes fantastiques, des plats principaux, des entrées, des desserts et aussi des cocktails! La plupart des recettes sont les favoris personnels des artistes. Vous pouvez compter sur des plats réconfortants savoureux et les meilleures aquarelles!
 A small preview of the Aquarellista Cookbook

The book is in high-quality print and spectacular! (Note that I might be slightly biased 😍) with illustrations of all those Talented Watercolour People *)!!

Available in gorgeous hard cover, and in (less heavy) softcover.

Le livre est en impression de haute qualité et spectaculaire! (Notez que je pourrais être légèrement biaisé 😍) avec des illustrations de tous ces Aquarellistes talentueux *) !!

Disponible en superbe couverture rigide et en couverture souple (moins lourde).  

Les recettes sont en français et en anglais!
The recipes are in French and in English!

If you are interested, you can order your copy here. 

Vous pouvez commander votre exemplaire ici.

 *) Agnès McLaughlin, André Imbert, Anna Karin Fast, Bibbi Isaksson, Cari Toller, Carol Fischer, Cathie van der Stel, Celina Schou, Christiane Halsey, Edith Alborni, Guus Zaalberg, Hanneke Kulik, Hélène Pons, Ina Carels, Ingrid Boeye, Judith Veraart, Jutta Agnew, Leonie Smyth, Liz Douglas, Marie-Jo Paris, Marina Kulik, Michele Charlot, Monica Denn, Randi Terkildsen, Sandra Seymour-Dale, Sonya Dueck, Sue Bateman, Sylvie Dargery, Thelma Hiskes

Monday, 16 November 2020

Ten years ago, on Tuesday 16 November 2010,  the very first post on the Hangar Blog was published!

Click this link to see the first post

In the meantime, there have been 132.913 visitors, and this is the 852nd post!!

And the Hangar has changed, the 4 teachers mentioned in that first post, have now doubled in numbers!

Today we have Pim for Drawing and Acrylics (abstract and figurative), Nelly for Oils (atelier libre), Josie for Printmaking and Childrens' workshops, Francesca for Art Therapy, Marina T for Portrait, Cold Wax and oil techniques, Marie for Sculpture (Christie has unfortunately passed away), Katy for Ceramics and Marina K (yours truly) for Life drawing and Watercolours. 

The Hangar is still doing well, despite this period of lockdown and other measures, and has a reputation for being 'the best (and most convivial) art school on the Côte'!

 For more information, visit our website or our facebook page


Saturday, 24 October 2020

Portrait Class every Monday afternoon




Many of you know Marina Teding-van Berkhout from her fantastic Cold Wax Oil class on Friday afternoons. She has a new Hangar activity:  from Monday 2 November she will host a course in Portrait painting!!



Here are some details:

Starting MONDAY November 2nd Marina T. organizes a Portrait Painting class.
The focus will be on proportions of the head, features and skin colour mixing,while working on a personal portrait in your medium of choice. It can be watercolour, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, oil or cold wax, every medium is possible!

During the year long course we will be working on 


Construction of the Face
Features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears)
Grisaille technique
Color mixing basics
Zorn palette
Painting Children
Portraits from the masters (Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Modigliani ..)
And more

Monday afternoons from 14h - 16h30
Price: 20€ per session*)

*) Bring your own materials, Hangar Membership required

Sign up for this Portrait Painting course, in the medium of your choice via