Friday 13 May 2022


Your 8 Hangar teachers-jury has voted for their personal Top-10. It was incredibly difficult, the work was of an impressive standard & quality! In the end out of almost 60 works, a Top-15 of artworks was selected.
Congratulations to:

Helen Wilkinson, Laurence Margaillan, Jutta Agnew, Sylvie Dargery, Veronique Carette, Judith Veraart, Martine Andrieu, Evert van den Brandhof, Margaret Mackley, Janine Hoedemakers, Kate Tarratt-Cross, Jo Painter, Margo van Wijk, Michele Debrez and Magali Lexcellent


In the coming 2 weeks 'the Public' will go play their role:
For the next round we would appreciate your vote, for your favourite!

Vote with the words  'My favourite is number X'

- by reply to this email
- by leaving a comment on this Hangar blog article
- by leaving a comment on our Facebook post
- by leaving a comment to the Instagram post

You can only vote once (we keep track) but you are welcome to invite your friends to like our Facebook page (or blog or insta account) and vote too (once)

The voting ends Tuesday 31 May 6pm.

Soon after that we'll publish the votes and announce the winner!