Tuesday 30 April 2013

The Portrait Workshop on Thursday Mornings

On Thursday 18 April we had the last part of the portrait workshop... which ended with the creation of a second self-portrait. The first morning a self portrait was created too, and Cathie van der Stel and myself are proud to present the results -and the différences between

"Before" and "After"

*Click on the pictures to enlarge

Starting Thursday 2 May we will consolidate all the theory by drawing a portrait of a live model for at least 5 mornings!

NB: I am so sorry but somehow I didn't have all the before/after pictures... I will try to get them and post about them another time!

Aquarelle Tuesdays, 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Spring is in the air!

Below a couple of paintings created last Tuesday...
My computer urgently needs a doctor but these pictures make me so proud, I wanted to post them first !
They are full of character, style - and spring...
Aquarellista Bibi Isaksson (now living in Sweden) visited and worked with us - we all agreed it was fantastic to see her again, she hadn't changed one bit and she is still a very good painter!

Monday 29 April 2013

Monday Evening Abstract Class with Pim

Half the group has now embarked on a new project (the other half is still finishing off the last project). The new project is really fun:

  • work on small formats - 2 -3 - 4 canvases in a series
  • fill the canvas with gesso mixed with plaster - or user modelling paste
  • build up an interesting background with a lot of structure
  • in the wet background put in bits of pre-painted canvas, jute, pre-painted paper or similar
  • when dry paint over using few extra colours

And here are some nearly finished projects:

Sylvia's work

Michele's work
Celina's work
Imme's work
Karin's work

And some that are still in progress:

Irene's work
Merete's work

Monday 22 April 2013


The Spring Fayre is over - and we had a nice Sunday at the Grange in Mouans Sartoux - but the auction of teachers artworks is not over. As of tomorrow evening and until Tuesday May 14th at 13:00 hours you may place your bids on teachers' artworks. It works in the following way:

Write your name and the amount on the item you are bidding for at the Hangar. If you would like to bid - but are unable to get to the Hangar, you may send an email to info@hangarart.org If you would like to bid under a pseudonym - please send the name and your contact details to the email above. You may also invite friends to bid.

All proceeds go to the Hangar - so a big thanks to the teachers for their donations:

Pim: A beautiful little ink drawing
Christie: A sculpture of a polar bear
Nelly: An oil painting
Marina: An aquarelle of your favourite pet or your house

check out http://www.hangarart.org/auction.html for more information and information about current bids.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

PORTRAIT Drawing! Thursday mornings 10 - 12 am

From 11 March , every Thursday morning, Cathie van der Stel and myself give a portrait workshop. We have a big group and we work very hard, because the goal is, to get all the theory across in 5 Thursday mornings. And that is working out fine!

Just to brag ☺ we show here the results of 45 minutes of hard work, where the participants had to 'draw the light' on black paper and combine that with a 'normal' drawing on white paper...

This was our model (only on picture unfortunately ☺)

And here are the results: 

Chris P.





Chris H



Great huh!!
Note that they are so good, that we may have accidentally confused some. If you see yours with the wrong name underneath, let us know and we'll change...

Thursday 18 April we have the last theory class, from then on, we will have 2-hour sessions with live models, open to everyone interested. During these sessions, all theory will come back and be tested and consolidated... 

Monday 15 April 2013

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30 pm with Marina Kulik

Coming Sunday, 21 April, the Hangar organizes another Spring Fayre, this time it will take place in 'The Grange' in Mouans Sartoux (close to Botanic and Casino, follow the signs)
It is going to be great fun, with lots of things for sale, to eat and drink, and of course, ART!
Entrance fee (to cover the rent of the Grange) is 6€ - children free, and you get one free tombola ticket!

You can buy tickets (5€) for artworks, created by the Hangar Artists. If you're in love with a painting you can buy that directly, it will cost you 25€. Some of the best paintings are made by the Aquarellistas! They have painted their work on heavy Arches watercolour paper, and if you can lay your hands on one of their works you are so lucky, because it is GOOD...
You can look forward to seeing these... and more...


Cathie (work in progress...)




The exact address of the Spring Fayre is:
The Grange
815 chemin des Gourettes

Monday 8 April 2013

Aquarelle - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Preview of the Spring Fayre watercolours...
On Sunday 21 April the Hangar Spring Fayre will take place - in 'the Grange' in Mouans Sartoux...
Lots of interesting items for sale there, all for the better of the Hangar. The Hangar artists are all creating artwork for this occasion, that you can purchase for utterly competitive prices! Of course the Aquarellistas participate, 3 of them have already finished their work (on heavy quality Arches torchon paper). Here's a preview:
Sue takes you to the roaring twenties with this beach-view

 Edith chose a classic yacht on the Med as her subject

Anna-Karin painted these teasels with a beautiful light - and her specific touch
And more sneak previews below, for another occasion with real artwork for interesting pirces: From June 3 until June 10, the Aquarellistas will show 50 original watercolours in Gallery Casablù in Valbonne. These paintings will all be framed exactly the same and all cost 50€. We will work on them in the Hangar and in our own time, and I will regularly show examples on this blog.
If you see a painting that you really like you can reserve it!! And of course more news and invitations will follow...

Not everybody has officially started. Christiane has spent the whole afternoon researching the look and feel of a centennial olive tree in a lavender field... Very good! Very Aquarellista!

Pebbles by Anna-Karin. Not finished, but already so great looking! 

 A completely different view on 'Teasels' by Sandra. I love it!!

More work in progress by Sandra...

...and by Sue...
Look forward to much more of this in the coming weeks!!
And mark your agendas: 3 - 10 June, Casablù, Valbonne...

Monday 1 April 2013

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30 pm with Marina

 "Angels and Dwarfs"

After three full weeks on one and the same painting (working like Shirley Trevena) the Aquarellistas decided on a very different subject last week! yet Shirleys influence lingered on, there was definitely an increased use of sanding paper, watercolour pencils, crayons, plumes, nailbrushes and fingers! And -noticable in the work shown below, I brought Winsor & Newton 'Cobalt Turquoise', one of Shirleys favourite colours...
Edith's beautiful peaceful angel

Sandra tried out white watercolour crayon...
...and compensated the over-smoothness with this characterfull beauty!!
Agnès created this saintly being with a sculpture as inspiration and added light, colours and background, creating a 'whole' and interesting composition
Christiane created these delicate wings, inspired by the Angel-theme
Wendy's endless creativity led to this original winged little person

Liz worked on the Dwarf!
This is definitely children's book quality... (and yes we will do that sometime soon!)
Anna-Karin's struggle with the still life is over - it looks wonderful, my favourite part is the down-right part with the cup... So mysterious! (click to enlarge)

Nusch worked on an exercise with 'eyes'...
We all agreed that this is very special and that her style really works!