Monday 25 April 2011

Aquarelle + a sneak preview of some of the 18x14cm cards

Our aquarellista-group worked on several projects last week, one of them the 14x18 cm cards that we are creating for the 'Hangar Summer fête' lottery of 19 June. Every visitor will win one - and it is not easy at all because you have to come up with a subject that is interesting on that small size. And then the one who will win your artwork - you know that it may be somebody who is not the least interested, so it would be a waste to put your whole heart in it -  but on the other hand it might be somebody who loves it! So you can't be casual or uninterested about it... Difficult! 
O well, we decided to give it our all! And make several versions and ideas. We had great fun as you can see below:
'A slay ride' by Bibbi Isaksson

'Two women' by Edith Alborni

'Water and pebble rhythm' by Sandra Seymour-Dale (to be finished)

'Boats and reflection' by Roly Bufton

'Mini patchwork rose' by Marina Kulik

Monday 18 April 2011

Aquarelle - Cities by night - 12 April, 2 - 4.30PM

Last Tuesday we were with a small group. This means that we have more time to discuss the developments, and -almost as important- bigger cups of tea!

City by night by Cathie van der Stel

Ann Edwards is halfway with her nightview... She is in Spain for two weeks and when back will work on the dark sky which will make this work exciting!

  Edith Alborni's stunning yellow Iris

Sunday 17 April 2011

Thursday Morning: Iron Welding

Every Thursday morning, a very enthousiastic group works on a variety of subjects... in Iron...!
They create sculptures, working outside, using heavy machinery... They make a lot of noise and have tremendous fun...  Hangar president Hans van Wijngaarden and Pim teach the group and make sure everything works smoothly
 Hans van Wijngaarden and Laurens Falk doing something interesting at the workbench 

 Lucia Gualtieri welding

an overview of the materials...

Atelier Libre Oil painting - Nelly van Hijfte

Two more completed artworks from Nelly's class this week:

 Avril Howarth has added flying balloons to her cloud scene.

You can almost feel the warmth and smell the lavender in Dominique Billiard's impressionist painting.

--- By Charmian Murley

Monday 11 April 2011

Water colour Tuesday - Sunny and warm on April the 5th

Funny Cat - by Puck
We had a full house last week - with 2 great guests, Hélène brought her sister Marijke and het aunt Puck - who created today's opening-picture, sitting in the sun... Marijke painted her first watercolour ever and bravely picked a view! and as you can see a true aquarelle came out of that... in tender tones, and a mysterious fence...
View from the Hangar by Marijke

Most of the work of the regulars is 'work in progress' - I'll randomly show some below...
Edith Alborni's Amazing Iris! Background will be slightly darker but the basics are gewd!

Cathie van der Stel's City by night (unfinished) - one in aquarelle paint (R) and one in tea...

Tomatoes in the bowl by Hélène van der Kroft

And last but definitely not least, another poetic and subtle aquarelle by Anna Karin - in her typical spontaneous style and with her favourite bowl (not yet quite visible - but that will come)

Tulips in a bowl by Anna-Karin Fast

Friday 8 April 2011

Drawing on Monday - a still life - 28/03/2011

The drawing class with Pim had one of the best still lives I have ever seen, Pim is SO good at building breathtaking compositons...  Thanks to Lucia there are pictures of it - and also the drawings that were made are truly excellent!

Lucia Gualtieri

Joop van der Zon

Brigitte Jansen

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Wednesday Acrylics

It is some time ago, that wehave had some news from our very popular acrylic class on Wednesday.
Good painters,good atmosphere and not to forget a very animated lunch, for which we are soon getting our first star!!!
The standard of painting is of high standard with once a month a special project, which is very appreciated by everybody. This of course, under the supervision of Pim, who is always there to help us.

First two are from Tanja Baretta. She started scupturing with us long ago and then 13 years ago got started with acrylic.
Het painting is called Carnival in Venice.

 The 3rd and 4th photo is from Gonnie Rikken, it is a landscape exercise.

A water colour painting with acrylic

 Andrea Bartolomei

abstract sans titre
Barbra Gentsch:, no title

--By Marina Pino

Monday 4 April 2011

Sunny Watercolour Tuesday -

Catwoman by Edith Alborni

Sometimes I am extra proud to be part of the aquarellista network... Look at just a couple of examples of the astonishing work of our group... funny, creative, original and often so beautiful!!

'Books' by Cathie van der Stel - one of her best (the other one is in this post too!).

Cathie uses several out-of-comfort-zone materials for her artwork - one of them... tea...

 And this is the other 'best' by Cathie van der Stel... a still life in the fabulous colours of spring...

Marina Teding-van Berkhout works on her 'portrait of Ines'

If you look carefully or enlarge the picture you will see all basic ingredients for a good aquarelle session: Brushes, paint, water, stretched paper, kitchenroll, tea and cookies...

Some were working inside - others couldn't resist the sun... Edith's fuchsia catwoman's mask was created outside, and Helene worked on a portrait in similar colours

Inside, Helene noticed that her lady lacked lipstick...

Purple Lady by Hélène van der Kroft

Lesley and Roly worked on eyes - highlights, pupil, iris, the colour of eyewhite (off-white), shape, skin colour, lashes, the shadow of the lashes... check!
And while Roly worked on an aquarelle of a boat, Lesley did her version of the catwoman mask

Last but definitely not least, Ann finished her reading gardner, based on an existing aquarelle by (will fill in name tomorrow) From this month onwards, Ann will create originals! We're looking forward to seeing that development...
Gardner reading in the sun by Ann Edwards

Friday 1 April 2011

Wednesday Acrylics – Atelier Libre

This Wednesday there were a dozen artists at the Hangar. Some stayed for the morning and some came for the afternoon. As usual on a Wednesday we all sat down and had a lunch together.
Here is some of the artwork that was finished:
Anne Holtermann worked on one of her large (120 x 120) abstracts.

Collette Koster was inspired by Cezanne and copied one of his paintings.

Pia Torsleff was inspired by Marianne Korbien-Braun and copied one of her pictures. Her you see the original on the left and Pia’s version on the right. 

Els Buijs finished two beautiful abstracts

--by Celina Schou

Drawing Franck - Monday Morning live model

The Monday  live model drawing group works together for three years now. The poses have become increasingly complicated and the work has moved from 'getting the proportions right' to interesting creations, showing true mastery, personality and artistic style. I am very proud - below you can see why:
Fantastic drawing with white crayon on black paper by Lucia Gualtieri

Lucia working on (another version) of the white-on-black drawing.
In the background Virginie Bertoluzzi

Virginie's painted impression of Franck - another look on light and dark

 Charmian Murley's personal expression of Franck's half hour standing pose

An interesting and daring colour sketch in pastel by Sandra Seymour-Dale

SL's version - accurate, tender and personal

 Sunniva, working on another sketch - serious and concentrated

Same goes for Sue Ellis - and for all of us by the way... We're all 'exhausted' after 2 hours of very intensive observing! But it's worth it... people who participate in this class are never afraid to draw, whatever the subject...