Saturday 22 September 2012


Contrary to earlier messages, the drawing class of Monday 24 September will be cancelled. Pim is not available. Also the afternoon abstract class will not take place.

Wednesday 19 September 2012


Working with pastel techniques is challenging since they are mixed and blended directly on paper. Errors can't be covered or painted over. There are a lot of different techniques to learn, to name a few - blending, building up layers of colour, highlighting & shading. This summer, Katinka Westhoff has had some introductory courses in working with pastels. Below you can see some of the results.
Fruit by Irene
Katinka will be starting up a regular class at the end of September for those of you interested in learning more about this techniques.

Orchids by Patience, Laura, Brenda and Sandra

Also due to be on view at the forthcoming exhibition will be this beautiful pot by Dominique Biliiard.  The true colours and depth of painting do not come out well in this photo so come and see it 'in the flesh' from the 17th to 30th October in valbonne.
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It seems we are all looking at pots in a new light.  Charmian Murley painted these broken water pots, found in a floating village in Thailand, on a natural canvas base.   They will also be in the exhibition so please come and visit us.
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Dominique continued her theme of pots with this muted, minimalist painting of a pot against the drapes.  Colour can be wonderful but this shows how limiting it can be successful.
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Nelly's class, September 2012

The paintings finished in Nelly's class this month are all very exotic.  Claudie Deforge's elegant, draped heads painted with a light, limited palette, will be on show at the forthcoming exhibition in Valbonne.
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Monday 17 September 2012

In Memoriam Marijke van Schijndel

It is with great sorrow that we have to report the passing away of our dear friend and fellow Hangar member, Marijke van Schijndel, on Thursday, September 13th, 2012.
She has been a member for almost 10 years, attended drawing and acrylic painting classes with beautiful results. Together with her husband Ton she enjoyed and actively attended our social events. She also has been a driving force in the organization of our annual Art-trip.
We will remember her as a friendly, positive and enthousiastic member and she will be sorely missed by the Hangar community.
We express our condolences to her husband Ton and family and wish them strength during this period of great sadness.

The cremation ceremony will take place on Tuesday September 18th at 14:00 hrs in the crematorium Rijtackers in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
An opportunity to express your sympathy to the family will also be arranged at Magagnosc, France. Further information will follow.

Hangar Board and Teachers

Aquarelle Tuesday - with Marina Kulik


 Squall, a clever picture by Brenda Moorehouse: she combined the wet-in-wet technique with 'washing out' to create this tropical rain
Last Tuesday was our 'Rentrée' and we decided to work wet-in-wet for a change. Usually we work with wet paint on dry paper, now we made our paper soaking wet, and then dripped plenty of paint - with lots of pigment - on it, or painted it on it.
Some had an idea before they started and some just waited until the paint had dried to determine what they would actually make of it... It was very exciting and although this was more about the fun and the process than about the result, some paintings came out very very well...
An excellent landscape painting, with interesting light and shadows and beautiful warm wet-in-wet colours by Brigitte Jansen

Cathie van der Stel waits for inspiration to finish this -
do you see what it is going to be?
Yannick, a new member of our group, combined wet-in-wet with a very precisely detailed technique for the buildings

Cathy created a super wet-in-wet landscape - and with the help of lots of salt and a couple of lines suggested a very interesting foreground

Corine, another new Aquarellista, created this superb abstract landscape - with lots of things happening and a very interesting light

Jim as always approached the exercise in a more intelectual way, combined with 'feeling one' with the paint - and came up with this excellent fantasy image of 'the Fjords'

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Wonder and Make a Wish - an EXHIBITION

14 - 16 September Exhibition 'Wonder and Make a Wish'
3pm - 7pm, Golfe Juan/Vallauris
More information & RSVP: Emilie Janda ej@galerieoscar or Marina Kulik
On 14, 15 and 16 September teacher Marina Kulik exhibits, together with four other Dutch artists in 'Wonder and Make a Wish'. During this exhibition, the charity 'Make-A-Wish' will be introduced for the South of France. Members of the french press will be there, as well as hotshots and ambassadors of Make-A-Wish. 10% of the proceeds of the expo will go to Make-A-Wish. The exhibition is organised by Galerie Oscar.
Apart from Marina's work you can admire sculptures by Elisabeth Velsink, Photographs by Elmer de Haas, paintings by Thérèse Steinmetz (Hangar associate member) and precious jewelry by Rosalind...
Marina Kulik will show portraits and abstracts in aquarelle watercolours as well as the 'Big Rose' designs for the 2012 Artbag for Stop Aids Now. The Artbag will hit the market in October but can be ordered during this exhibition. 

Signed and numbered silk screen prints of ‘Big Rose’ will be available for the special price of 75€, of which 10€ will go to Make-a-Wish.
And last but not least you can witness the première of the ‘Ever Evolving Work of Art’. A large painting in mixed technique (oil and acrylics) that is constructed from several canvases, large and small, who are stand alone and also fit together. Whenever a part is sold, it will be replaced with a new part, that is different, yet ‘fits’ again.
One of the current 7 parts of 'Ever Evolving'

If you buy a part you will know that it is always part of a bigger plan! Marina will keep working on this painting for the rest of her life and record the results, so through the years this “Ever Evolving Work of Art’ will become a painted animation movie… You are invited to witness the start of this lifetime project… not to be missed!