Sunday 21 December 2014

Aquarelle on Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30 with Marina

Anna-Karin's optical illusion is finished!

Last Tuesday was the last session of the year... It was extra-zen, not a very big group, Agnès made yummie lemon cakes with even yummier icing, we had lots of verveine tea and we played relaxing music... Elia B, Agnès and Constanza finished their 'Hands', they all look brilliant!

 Multi-culti hands in 'Together we shape the universe'... by Agnés -

 Subtle suggestion of a hand by Constanza

Fabulous surrealistic aquarelle by Elia B - two spirits reaching out to each other...
 Christine's Still Life with Bonbons is coming along VERY fine! Almost finished...

 And an excellent little still life by Yves
 Liz started work on the next 'Village in the South' - Roussillon... This is the basic wash, very bright orange - and believe it or not, the colours of that village are not far from this! Also the cubic shapes are already visible...

 Yves also painted the autumn-view from his house - from the top of his head! Well done!
 And then there were 2 doodle-watercolours that I'd like to show you:
 These cells by Constanza
and this Xmas decoration by Elia
And now we're going to enjoy a time-out! We will see each other again for the first time on Tuesday 13 January!

Friday 19 December 2014

Monday - Live Model drawing with Marina

The last live session in 2014! We drew Brigitte in 2 long poses, it was great and everyone worked hard and motivated!
Pre-coffee: Francis and Betty's drawings (the others were good too! but I just didn't take any pics...)

Even during the break we discuss the work...
And then a great second round, with Brigitte lying down:
 Claudie - drawing the light with white pen on black paper - her specialty






After the holidays, we continue with live model sessions EVERY WEEK, alternating starters (with a theory bit and uncomplicated poses, portraits, hands and feet etc) and advanced.
Mail Marina if you want to be on the mailinglist, so you know what's on! As soon as the weather is good enough to draw outside, Pim resumes his part of the drawing Mondays again.

Thursday Sculpture Class

Every Thursday a regular bunch of us come to the Hangar to do sculpture with Christie. During the school holidays - occasionally some of the students bring along the youngsters in the family - that is, if there aren't too many other artists working. It's always fun to have young people around because they work on totally different things from everyone else. The first 3 pieces of artwork are from 3 of the youngsters.

The theme this term has been animals. Hanne has chosen cats. Below is one of her works made in white - high fire - clay.
Hanne's cat
Dom continues to work on his tools. This tme he had tools in white clay which he painted before firing, using a black slip with vinegar.

Dom's tools
Tracy has a series of abstracts in black clay - here is the latest addition

Tracy's abstract
The black clay starts out brown when we work with it. It is a clay that contains quite a lot of grog - so it will never give a smooth surface. It fires well and goes completely black when fired at 1200 C.

If you like what you see - why not come and join us on Thursdays 10-16 after Christmas ?

Thursday 18 December 2014

Tuesdays 9 - 12: Atelier Libre Oil-Huile with Nelly van Hijfte

Tuesday 16 December - a wonderful day in the oil class with birthday celebrations of Jacqueline. A lighthearted fun morning, with chapagne - and of course a lot of painting!

Jacqueline's painting - with balloon decoration. 

The birthday girl with Charmian and Gordon.
 Social gathering; starting with coffee in the morning-- Nelly being the hostess

 Serious stuff - Claudie and  Francis 

And then... Jacqueline's birthday celebrations at the bar.

  Nelly and Claudie continue in serious conversation

Arie arrived, looking good!!

Francis and Matthew; I am sure ; it is not True!

By Marina Pino

Monday 15 December 2014

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 to 4.30pm, with Marina Kulik

Optical Illusions 
 How's that for depth... By Avril

 That's what watercolours are all about - suggesting stuff, like 'depth' and 'volume' and 'light'... To stress that a little, we challenged ourselves, concentrating on the 'illusion' side...

Liz just started a series of four optical illusions

And Anna-Karin is suggesting this deep hole... 
Hands suggested by changing the shape & direction of stripes


Agnès (no paint yet - but lots of masking fluid!)

Agnès also created this fabulous Winter/Christmas picture with a strong illusion of light

Lo-ve-ly subtle, fluffy Christmas tree by Christiane

 Suggestion of transparency - what a great watercolour-in-progress by Christine

The shadow needs a bit of enhancement - and than it will be an illusion of a tear! By Dom

 Dom's Dewdrops

Gourdon... A cubist version, now finished - by Liz. I love its' composition!

And Anna-Karin's dreamy forest is finished now. Delicate and poetic, as only she can!

Saturday 13 December 2014

EXPO Marina's 'Ever Evolving' @SMART in Nice

Most of you know my watercolours, but I'm also painting in acrylics. Interested? Until 30 December, my non-watercolour work is on display in the showroom of Smart in Nice (the big glass tower you pass on the way to Italy). Less than one minute from exit 52. 

 There are big roses, fingerprints and the newest version of my 'Ever Evolving work of art'.

That's my 'monumental, conceptual and strictly autonomous' painting in mixed technique (oil and or acrylics), constructed from several canvases, large and small. These canvases are ’stand alone’ and also fit together. Whenever a part is sold, it will be replaced with a new part, that is different, yet ‘fits’ again. At this moment it is over 6 meters long, and exists of 35 parts. I had to work like crazy to replace 2 of the 'banners' that sold in the last exhibition in Théoule. But it worked out, and if you happen to pass by exit 52 of the A8, you're most welcome to come in and check it out!

If you can't make it: in January it will be exhibited again, in La Roquette, together with the sculptures of Patience aka 'DEVAS'. I will let you know about that and the vernissage on 8 January in a later post... Because of the setup of that space, it will look more like a 'mix', like  this: