Monday 25 November 2013

Aquarelle Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30, with Marina Kulik

 Ice crystals - and other subjects
After the cocktails and the poetry of the last weeks we needed some structure and crystals seemed like a good idea.
The ones shown here are painted by Christiane and Edith - very different yet both interesting - and microscopic...
Sandra was back from the UK - and did research for a painting. The picture with the frog is a very small (and very lovely!) study for it...

Orjan painted a truly fantastic gorilla. He was aiming for a bit of practice for painting the hair - but it  turned out to a great overall character. Shame on me for ruining the photograph!
To make up for it (and because I am l truly enthusiastic about his commitment and diligence) I have written a seperate post about his birds! You find it below this one...

Birds in Aquarelle Watercolours

Orjan has just joined the aquarellistas, had no previous experience with watercolours (he has painted before in other techniques) and he has done a lot of research already... Here are a couple of birds that he painted - in an already comfortable style!

Friday 22 November 2013

 Every other Monday Pim builds up a fabulous still life. It is always a surprise, and it is not just beautiful, there is also an idea behind it, an expression as well as a educational purpose - something to observe and learn from.
Last Monday it was a typical autumn atmosphere and the participants had to draw with pencils, showing the light/dark contrasts and the very different materials...
Strangely, this class is not very well visited. The excellent news is of course, that if you feel like joining, there is still place for you! You will get a lot of attention from Pim, and have a terrific and rewarding morning, while learning a lot, in an intuitive way, about proportions, perspective and measuring. Highly recommended!!

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Christmas Workshop 15/11-2013

By request from members, the committee arranged the first of several workshops - the theme this time was Christmas.

A highly motivated gang participated and made beautiful cards, decorations, etc. Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of the materials used and the results.

Michele the instructor setting up

Materials for gift tags
Paper stars
Trish at work

Wooden decorations

Wreath out of scrap material

Christmas cards

Wooden Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree out of an old book

Black table mat Christmas tree

Aluminium foil Christmas tree
A big thanks to Lucia for making the arrangements !

Monday 18 November 2013

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm

The Aquarellista Cocktail Calendar
Every year the Aquarellistas of Centre des Arts 'Le Hangar' create a calendar, with an aquarelle for every month! We are in the finishing stages of the 2014 project, we are finished actually, but now the calendars have to be printed. We expect to have them within 2 weeks, can't wait!
This year's issue celebrates the beauty of cocktails, their transparency, their vivid colours, and of course their promise... Some of the pictures are so good that you can almost taste them!
Next to the very well executed aquarelle watercolours are the recipes and for some a little anecdote, in French and English, to inspire you all year round... Featured cocktails are strong ones like the Rusty nail and the Earthquake, but also the Bella Luna and Halloween, alcohol-free cocktails, with a twist. The calendars make excellent Xmas presents and will be for sale in the Hangar and other places!

We will keep you posted about all of that, don't you worry!

Sunday 17 November 2013

Wednesday 19.30: Café Culture Zadkine

This year's spring trip led us amongst others to the Zadkine museum. That was a fabulous experience, which we would love to share with all of you! This Wednesday, during the Café Culture, Pim and Marina will present the Zadkine story, illustrated with a collection of pictures and 2 short movies.
 Apart from interesting content there are drinks and nibbles to be enjoyed - and you are most welcome to join, Hangar doors open around 7.30!
We look forward to seeing you Wednesday...

Monday 11 November 2013

Friday Atelier Libre 10:00 - 16:30

We are so lucky with the weather this year - the sun just keeps on shining and the days are nice and warm. This gives us the opportunity to work outside. Currently several sculptors are working in (for them) new materials. Here you see work in progress:
John is trying out new ideas for how to mount his heads

Joy is working on her Lizard, look at how her claws are coming along

Tatiana played around with concrete to see how the material works - look at the creepy guy she is constructing

Andrea is working on a long-legged lady in concrete
Catherine is just about finished with her abstract lady - really stands out in the red
So for Catherine it's back to the drawing board to design and plan for the next sculpture:
Proper planning needs to be done before construction can start
Not only do people do sculptures - there are also the regular painters who come along.
Sue is framing one of her recent abstracts
Carina and Celina are working on the same project as last week (see previous article)
Carina at work.
And this is the result of the day's work - but Carina still has some adjustments to do

Celina started out with her own design
First a background layer and a charcoal sketch
Filling in the pieces is a little like painting by numbers

And the final result

And not only regulars - meet Alain, one of our new members

Aquarelle - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Cathie's 'Soaps'
Above another amazing still life by Cathie, true eye candy already, though only halfway finished! We will have to do without her for a while, hopefully she can send us pictures of finished works - they always are an inspiration for everyone...
'My Secret Garden'
'Yellow Poem'
Talking about inspiration: Edith and Liz both created perfect illustrations, for two of the poems of the 5th 'Poets of the Côte' book...
  Anna-Karin started a painting for that too...
We all loved it because of its mysterious shape as well as content in this stage.
Also by Anna-Karin: the cocktail 'Blood and Sand'...
Read more about that, as well as the recipe, on our  soon-to-be-produced cocktail calendar...Don't worry we'll let you know if it comes out!
Christiane's 'Bella Luna' cocktail

Monday 4 November 2013

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Art & Poetry... and cocktails!

Cathie's old bottles, filled with a silver-looking fluid... beautiful mystery!
It is holiday time in France, so most aquarellistas had other things to do last Tuesday, but the 'hard core' group was there of course... We did a lot of thinking and researching about our ongoing 2 projects. One already mentioned before, the 'Cocktails Calendar' and the other one new, illustrations to a poetry book that is printed every year, with poems of local writers... A great challenge - it is really about the inspiration you get from a poem and then put that into an image. Not at all easy!
We will keep you posted on the results!
 Constanza just started with the painting of a yummy cocktail.
It has Grand Marnier in it, and is meant as a nightcap...

'Thirsty Lady' by Örjan
He created two cocktail pictures of which I will only show one here, because it is so funny

Friday 1 November 2013

What's up at the Friday Atelier Libre ?

Friday is the atelier libre day. The Hangar is open to all members who wish to work. We usually opens up at about 09:30 and we continue until around 17:00. There is a good mix of participants from different classes. All members of the Hangar are welcome. The first Friday of the month, there is a model from 10:00 to 12:00. This Friday we had Frank (who we all love since he is good at holding difficult poses for a long time).

This Friday there were 4 sculptors and Sunniva doing sketches. Look at the results:

Friday was a beautiful autumn day and some participants worked outside. Joy and Tracy worked on their sculptures.

Joy working on her lizard

Tracy working on her pea pod
Michele, Carina, Celina and Lisa worked on their abstracts. Carina and Celina had chosen a project from Rolina van Vliets book on painting abstracts. It looked so easy - but like with all abstracts - that was not the case.

Carina working on her abstract
The result of Celina's efforts
The result of Carina''s efforts