Monday 28 November 2011

Aquarelle - Tuesday 22 November 2PM

Pair of boots by Cathie van der Stel

Boots, Balls & Babies

Marbles by Liz Douglas
Last week the aquarellistas worked on a couple of different themes, Liz Douglas and Veronique Lückerath worked on 'spheres, both in their own way, both terrific! Liz painted a couple of wonderfully transparent marbles. Veronique can't make it that often and wanted to work on this essential starters exercise: spheres... If you do it right, the balls seem to come off the paper and as you can see, this worked out!

Spheres by Veronique Luckerath

Veronique also worked on a seperate excercise, where the shadow on the object is painted in the complimentary colour. This doesn't always work out as a 'black' shadow, but gives a very 'organic' effect, where a typical shadow colour like paynes grey will give a metallic effect. Useful to know when painting fruit... Veronique wasn't happy with the result, but as you can see, a bit of shadow makes it a very believable ball.

The other aquarellistas chose from 20 beautiful photo's of children of the world and created their impressions, in their own personal style. Not all are finished, but here's a preview...

Mother and child by Agnes McLaughlin

Indian Girl by Agnes McLaughlin

Nepalese Girl by Edith Alborni

Friday 25 November 2011

Modelling with Christie

Each Thursday afternoon from 2pm - 5pm a group of Hangar members meet up to do modelling with Christie Robinson. Some are beginners and others experienced. At them moment people are working on a whole variety of different projects; - modelling animals in clay, wall sculptures in clay, Giocometti-like sculptures in plaster and abstract pieces in both clay and plaster.

 The class at work

Christie showing Mireille how to proceed with her plaster lady

Thursday 24 November 2011

Airbrush painting

On Thursday 24/11 a small group of Hangar members had a demonstration of the airbrush painting technique. Beforehand everyone had some sort of preconceived ideas about how a canvas could turn in to a masterpiece. But, seeing how it was done was quite different from what people had expected. Sébastien Pappalardo demonstrated how to use the airbrush to make backgrounds, details and how to turn a blank canvas in to a painting. 

Sébastien at work

Some of today's spectators watching the master at work.

Sébastien Pappalardo demonstrating how to apply paint

A demonstration of how to do a sunset

And here the participants get to try for themselves

Monday 21 November 2011

Aquarellistas' work of 15 November

Cherries by Bibbi Isaksson - not finished -according to herself.
I think they are wonderful in their simplicity

Last week Tuesday I missed out on another watercolour session and I am sorry about that, because a lot of very interesting things happened! Cathie organized it again and she brought a lot of inspiring stuff, a basket of pine-cones, coloured carafes, plain carafes with coloured water, marbles and cherries.
The pine-cones, marbles and cherries were the objects of choice

Pinecone (unfinished) by Anna-Karin Fast

Marbles by Liz Douglas.
Already very beautiful (and well done!) yet the colored shadows Liz is going to add will definitely 'finish' this painting

The 'autumn' projects were finished...
Liz Douglas covered a leaf with masking fluid, so that she could (after it had dried) add a spontaneous background with sponge. It worked ot very well, the leaves are now clearly falling!

Anna-Karin Fast finished her apples, they are so juicy!!

And very interesting paintings outside the suggested subjects were created as well:

Mysterious Misty Mountains by Brigitte Jansen. So transparent! Good use of the medium!!

Sexy girl with great mouth! by Agnes McLaughlin. Aquarelle makes it so dreamy...

Very surrealistic image by Bibbi Isaksson.
Note that left top part is done on another piece of paper, to see if it works.
Great way to check out changes in aquarelle!!

Coming Tuesday I will join this super talented aquarellista group in the Hangar once more! I look forward to it

Sunday 20 November 2011

Abstract classes have resumed

Abstract classes started up again at the beginning of October. For the first lesson everyone just got back in to the mood of abstract painting.
Everyone busy at work.

Above you see Tatiana at work.

 And this is Sylvia at work.

Marie Helen at work. 

Karin at work. 

Irene trying to decide which way her painting looks best.

Imme has joined the class.

And here is a typical "Anne" abstract

The first common subject for the group to tackle is a combination of abstract and realism.

Above you see the result of Michele's work - an abstract with a drain pipe.

And here you see Imme's work - an abstract and a light bulb.

Sylvette made this inspiring picture.

The car is painted - not from a magazine !

Marie Helen's finished work

Sue's tap

And Barbara decided on a chain in her abstract.

Acrylics with Pim

Pim didn't take a break for the summer so his most loyal students followed his classes in July and August. In September people were back after the summer and happy to meet each other at the Hangar to catch up on what was going on. The lovely weather permitted artists to work outside and for the group to take the well known Wednesday lunches.

Once a month, Pim has a special project. Continuing from the spring term - the topic is cities of the world. The November project was New York. Below you can see some of the work (some finished and some in progress). The December project will be London.
The class busy at work

Gonnie's masterpiece

Tina's version of New York

Örjans version

Friday 11 November 2011

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves by Brigitte Jansen

Last Tuesday was organized and catered for by Cathie van der Stel. She made sure the afternoon was very cosy and relaxed and she inspired the Aquarellistas to paint 'autumn' -leaves or otherwise. As always the resulting paintings are very personal!

Misty autumn landscape by Anna-Karin Fast

Falling leaves by Helene van der Kroft

Autumn Leaves drifting by Agnes McLaughlin

Edith Alborni's selection of autumn leaves

and this is not all - there is also wonderful work-in-progress, by Liz Douglas, Bibbi Isaksson and Anna-Karin Fast, coming up next week!