Monday 22 July 2013


This Thursday (25 July) Pim and Marina organize ‘a day trip’ and they invite you to come with them to Bargème (83840) for the day!
Bargème is a lovely, unspoilt medieval village with an absolutely breathtaking view, 36 km north of Draguignan.
The program:
We depart around 9.30am from the Hangar, in as few cars as possible.
It is a 60km drive through the beautiful Var which will cost us approximately an hour.
We will determine the right locations, get instructions and sketch with pencils.

We have booked an extensive lunch in the lovely local restaurant ‘les Jardins de Bargème’ at 12. After which we will work out the sketches using ink, sepia, watercolours and ecoline, in the shade – or draw another subject. You will find that there is more than plenty to see and be inspired by!!
We aim to be back in the Hangar around 5.30 pm.

The price for the day, with two teachers and all drawing materials, boards, paper, ink etc is 50€ pp.
An excellent 3-course lunch menu will be served for around 20€
If you have them available, please bring one or more folding chairs.
Also a bottle of water, a hat, sunscreen, a parasol…
Could you let Marina know (via if you are going to participate?

You can look forward to a lovely day 'in pure nature'

Aquarelle, Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30 with Marina Kulik

Cool Drinks
Cocktail in progress by Edith
The  aquarellistas are working on their Cocktail Calendar for 2014 - a worthwhile present for all your relatives, containing great watercolours as well as fantastic recipes of lovely drinks.
We are practising and trying out the best ones - in the hot sun!
As you can see above and below we are very inspired to paint colourful drinks especially those with lots and lots of ice in them...
Ultimate coolness by Agnès
The group is getting smaller and after Tuesday the 23d we will officially be on summer break!
Watch this space as well as our Facebook page for more info...

Yummy Orange mint cocktail in progress by Cathie
Long drink by Agnès
And of course there were non-drinkable subjects too!
 Early night in...Greece? by Liz
Wild girl by Sandra

Monday 8 July 2013

Aquarelle - Tuesdays, 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

The 2014 Aquarellista Cocktail Calendar
In the coming weeks the aquarellistas will make a start with their 2014 Calendar. You can look forward to a calendar with recipes for delicious cocktails and gorgeous watercolours of the ingredients and the cocktails themselves... We will take our time and practice a lot and also of course try them out!
Agnès 's  yummy October cocktail
(with sherbet, without alcohol)
Christiane's first try - a strong and goodlooking drink
(with lemon and vanilla and lots of alcohol)
 Edith's work in progress - a very summery icy drink!
(with masking fluid ☺)

Liz's first try with an elegant cocktail
(looks like creme de menthe with a drop of mandarine)
Liz also experimented with coloured glass, stained glass and lace
Kirstie started this stylish umbrella
(for in the cocktails of course)
Cathie's working on a pair of 1001 night-shoes, placed on a Mirror...

Friday 5 July 2013

A week has passed

Once again a week has passed. It's been a busy week - artwork that needs to be finished before the summer, Tour de France cycling through the region, Sylvia's exhibition at Casa Blu ( - and yet another Friday Atelier Libre.

As always we had a lovely Friday lunch:

This time it was Celina's turn to finish some of her work:

Collages 40 x 40
An abstract project from this winter that was finally finished
If you would like to come along, write a mail to

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Friday Atelier Libre

The Friday Atelier Libre will continue until further notice. Sometimes there are few people, sometimes a larger group. At the moment everyone is working hard on finishing projects they have started earlier this year.

In Pim's abstract class, there was a project which involved painting abstract bricks. Here is Irene finishing off her canvas.

Irene at work
 Sue has 2 projects she is finishing off.

And Christie putting the final touch to her piece (which still has no name)

We usually start around 10:30, finish off around 4-5 pm and somewhere in between take a lunch break. If you are interested in coming - write an email to