Wednesday 30 December 2015


The Hangar Crew wishes you all a very happy, healthy and creative New Year!!

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Class schedules in 2016

Here are the dates of the last Hangar classes and the starting dates in 2016:

Saturday 19 December last Acrylic Saturday in 2015
Monday 21 December last Abstract class in 2015
Wednesday 23 December last Acrylic Wednesday in 2015

Pim restarts Wednesday 13 January 2016.

Thursday 17th December last Sculpture class in 2015

Christie restarts Thursday 7 January 2016.

No more Oil painting classes in 2015.

Nelly resumes Tuesday 5 January 2016 

No more Print Making classes in 2015

Gabriela starts again on Friday 15 January 2016.


No more Watercolour and Drawing classes in 2015

atercolours starts again Tuesday 12 January 2016
Life Drawing restarts Monday 18 January 2016

Monday 14 December 2015

Work for the "QUEL CIRQUE" exhibition in Valbonne

From 29 January 2016 - 10 February 2016 the Hangar members exhibit in the Salle St Esprit in Valbonne. You will hear much more about it when the holidays are over - but as you can imagine, there's a lot of work going on in all classes!

The Aquarellistas are almost finished with their submissions - and I am absolutely delighted with everyones creativity!!

 Liz's circus arena has become absolutely stunning

 And how about this one by Sandra, clown-girl with elephant. So strong and mysterious!!

 And last but not least Anna-Karin's trapeze artist with hoop now finished and amazing!!

For more of these high-quality watercolours, as well as beautiful prints, oil paintings, sculptures and acrylic paintings, you definitely have to visit our expo in January! Keep checking in here for more info!

Friday 11 December 2015

Pierre the Model on Monday

 Drawing by Sandra

Monday 7 December we were a lucky small group: we had Pierre as a model, and I do not exaggerate if I say that he is a very good looking guy! On top of that, a good model, friendly -and only showing his beautiful proportions to us: all Hangar doors had to be closed completely before he started sitting.

My question to the readers: Who would come on Monday 21 December if we were to have Pierre as a model? If enough 'takers' I will start my holidays one day later... Otherwise, I'll book Pierre for the first Live class in January. Hope to hear from you - you will hear from me!

Here are some of the excellent drawings that were made during the morning:

Quick sketches

10 minutes

 Long pose... This one by Claudie who had the best resemblance of the day!

Monday 7 December 2015

Quick 'n easy passepartout making

Everybody who paints watercolours knows that you usually frame them  behind glass,and that the painting looks better and deeper with a passepartout / mount / mat around it. I posted it on the Aquarellista blog but realised this might also be interesting for drawers, print makers, photographers and acrylic painters on paper... So here it is, a recipe for very easy home-made passepartouts:

You can buy standard size passepartouts, but often they just do not fit your watercolour. Unfortunately cutting the perfect passepartout from beautiful thick carton under 45° angle just isn't an easy job - and if you want to express yourself in a painting on stretched paper you don't want to stay within exact dimensions...

The method of passepartout-cutting I'm suggesting here is easy, fast - and can be used as stand-alone or underneath a standard mount...

Needed: a piece of thick-ish paper (>=150 gr), a ruler, a pencil, a rubber, sellotape and a good sharp cutter.

1. Take the correct measurements inside the image:
2. Draw the outline on the paper you are going to cut the mount from:

3. Stick a piece of sellotape over the crossing lines:
4. With your knife, cut a diagonal out of all 4 corners:
5. Cut out a smaller rectangle or square:

6. Carefully fold the 4 parts:
7. Turn your passepartout around, to check if all is perfect, turn back and stick your image to it – done!

Friday 4 December 2015

Last Printmaking workshop at the Hangar until January 2016.

Lovely people have attended my workshops for 5 weeks. Great results, very committed and enthusiastic students. We are all working toards submitting something for the Valbonne exhibition in January on the theme: 'The Circus'. However, we will not meet up again for formal sessions until January 2016. Good holidays and see everyone soon.