Friday 29 August 2014

Tuesday Mornings: the Oil group with Nelly van Hijfte

Like Pim's, Nelly's class has also continued during the summer! Nelly's Oil class is 'Atelier Libre', which means that everyone brings their own materials, and subject. Nelly is always there, to inspire, advise and help. And as you can see below, there's a wide variety of styles and techniques. The pictures shown are of finished and almost finished work

 and Nelly found the time to work on a painting of herself!!

 Claudi's almost finished work



 Helen's finished!

and so is Charmian...

Drawing Outside in August, with Pim - III

 Fantastic impressions of an old well, created during Pim's drawing class on the Monday morning!

Drawing Outside in August, with Pim - II

All participants made their own impression of these unexpected subjects in the landscape!It's always something else if you go outside to draw with Pim. There are a lot of challenges here, the perspective, the geometric shapes of the objects and last but not least flexible pipe, very hard to draw...

Drawing Outside in August, with Pim - I

During the French Holiday season, the Hangar didn't close, because Pim (and Nelly) stayed on and worked with the artists who showed up!
Pim's drawing group was bigger than ever, with the 'regulars' and their guests and Pim found great spots and subjects, outside in the sun. I am posting a lot of pictures, thanks to Lucia, in three posts, I wasn't there but it sure looks impressive! From September things are more or less back to normal, the first Watercolour class for example will be on Tuesday 2 September...

Two 'patchworks' (hatching direction) by Lucia and Patience.

Very small plants with lots of detail and contrast

Friday 15 August 2014

Oil Painting with Nelly - Tuesdays from 9.30 - 13.00pm


Most days it is quiet in the Hangar, but on Tuesday morning it buzzes! Nelly's 'oil class' is very popular, and the quality of the work is impressive as you can see on these pictures. None of the works are finished, but photographer Marina Pino has promised to create an update next week, so watch this space for some results...




 Nelly and Claudie





Monday 4 August 2014

Groundwork @ the Hangar part 2

 The Hangar 'uphill' parking gets a make-over thanks to our neighbours... Lots of digging and drainage going on, improving our well-being!!

Pim keeping an eye on the project!

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30 with Marina Kulik

Last session before the summer break! 
We were only with a small group, many have already left for their holidays, one of them Orjan, who writes:
'Here in Sweden we have an unusually hot summer. On my summer island in the Baltic, I completed a week's workshop with my painting friends. We were 13 people (!) And finished with a vernissage and opening party. 17 paintings sold out of 38 produced. Not so bad?
 Reportage Painting by Orjan - looks like a real good summer over there!!

 The Tuesday afternoon will be very quiet all of August - we are also enjoying the sun - and of course thinking about our show in Chateau des Demoiselles in September... 
NB: Nelly's oil group on Tuesday morning will continue in August!

'Demoiselle' in contemplation by Liz

'Demoiselle' in deep thought, by Agnès

 Nude in that typical Anna-Karin-style by Anna-Karin on beautiful 425 grams paper with 'bords frangés'

 Graphical nude I by Constanza

 Graphical Nude II by Constanza

 Female shapes I by Sandra

Female shapes II by Sandra

Live Model Drawing with Marina

The drawing class on Monday is alternately organized by Pim and me. Pim goes drawing outside, or builds a very special still life one week, and the next we have a live model posing for us. That class is always inside, even if the weather is perfect! Like last week. We had the beautiful Marie-Jo as our model, and as you can see below we were inspired by her! I don't know exactly who made what - I'm not even sure which one is my own, so no names - but you'll recognise yours I'm sure...

NB: Monday 25 August there is an atelier libre with our other favourite, Melisandre. The 'regulars' will receive a reminder in time...