Friday 30 January 2015

Live Drawing on Monday mornings, with Marina

 A wondeful live model drawing class last Monday, with Brigitte, in a much warmer Hangar! 
Here some results of the last pose: I'm impressed! Note that 3 of these drawings are made by people from the starters group!!

Monday 26 January 2015

Aquarelle Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

No - this is not a still life, it was our 'tea'...  
left over from the Oil& Watercolour New years lunch

Edith came in with her finished and extended 'je suis Charlie' painting: have a close look at it (click to enlarge) - it contains the word 'Freedom' in all the Hangar languages (and more)...

We spent the afternoon painting 'Zebra's'. It was an incredible challenge! We think it has to do with the stripes (counting) versus being creative with colours - a typical left - right brainhalf crunch! Everyone (yours truly included) was moaning and groaning. But the results....!
 Agn├Ęs will replace the masking fluid with black (it already looks fabulous by the way)

 Christine's zebra is so beautiful! And very difficult, but she persevered and now only has to paint the straight lines...

 Edith started with the perfect drawing - this is going to be an exciting composition!
Sandra enthusiastically started two aquarelles, one of a zebra & its reflection...

 ...and one that 'Zooms in' on a zebra head. Great experiment with colour

Liz on her way to capture the 'Out of Africa' atmosphere with her version

 none finished but it can hardly go wrong!! More next week...

 O - and last but not least, my stripey moose - remotely resembling a Zebra. 
Should have left out the breast piece...
Not my best work - but it was such fun to be able to participate for once!

Tuesday Mornings: Atelier Libre HUILE - with Nelly van Hijfte

On Tuesday, prof Nelly van Hijfte and her group create work in oil paint. It is an atelier libre - all bring their own subjects and paint what they like. It is oil, so it sometimes takes a long time before a painting is finished. Below a couple of finished or almost finished creations!

Claudie has just painted this beautifully delicate study of three Japanese ladies which. She did on an old canvas so underneath there is a lot of texture.

Veronique painted this study of sails in her trademark neutrals showing the complex folds and drapes against an aubergine background.

 Charmian took elements of some amazing willow mushrooms in Kew gardens and led her grandchildren through a magical garden.

 Following a trip to Ireland and using techniques learnt in Brenda Malley's seascape workshop last year, Charmian has painted three quite different seascapes of her own.

And there was more beautiful work...:

Pictures by Charmian Murley and Marina Pino

Friday 23 January 2015

Live Model on Monday morning - with Marina

It was freezing in the Hangar last Monday 19 January, but out model insisted on taking off her clothes and sit still for 2 hours. We had our bodywarmers and shawls, she had 2 heaters - but that was hardly enough...

  I don't have to tell you who that model was, you can recognize her from these excellent drawings! Unfortunately I made only 3 photos - but all results were amazing! So, new chances next Monday, when Brigitte returns and sits for us once more...Pim repaired the air conditioning, so you can look forward to a somewhat warmer Hangar!!


the Oil and Aquarelle Group New Years lunch

A blogpost meant to be a memory if you were there - and to see what you missed if you weren't... And of course to show off to the others ☺

On Tuesday 20 January we parked super-efficient and finished oil-painting 12 sharp: we had a lot of people coming and a lunch to prepare... Everyone made a dish and O MY it was fantastic!! Around 12.30 we sat down with a good glass and a first plate of all that gorgeous food... You guys are artists, in the Hangar as well as in the kitchen!

It all went down really well, on average everyone had 3d helpings before we even started with dessert!
The desserts were  mouth watering as well...

 We couldn't have had a better start of the Oil & Watercolour year... 
Thanks a lot to Nelly & her group by the way, because the Aquarellistas could start painting at  their usual 2 pm sharp - all was clean and put away!! And those who couldn't make lunch still had lots of dessert-leftovers to compliment the tea later!!

Monday 19 January 2015

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

Last Tuesday we had a fantastic afternoon, working on our own watercolour versions of 'Je Suis Charlie'. It was very inspired, and everyone in their own way created a colourful piece of solidarity...
It felt really good and the results were interesting as well as beautiful: